We help leaders close the brand experience gap.


80% of strategy leaders don’t know what changes will empower their company to win.  

We help you close that gap.

Scientific Approach

The Blirt BEMA, CX Inisghts & EX Insights research programs are a scientific management approach to build an objective view on where to invest time, resource and technology.

X-Curve Benchmark

Our innovative maturity index, BEMA, generates a benchmark output (we call it an X-Score) which helps you benchmark priorities, growth and transformation pathways for CX & EX – now and over time.

Strategic Breakthrough

Blirt helps you identify the activities that can have biggest impact and therefore helps reveal the one, two or three things per quarter that make a difference. That’s the discipline we practice with you.

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Find the clarity on what really shifts the needle for your brand.

Our research brings clarity to what customers & employees think & believe about your brand.

1/ We coach leaders to performance with proven playbooks in marketing, sales & service.
2/ We inspire creatives to communicate more effectively with the deployment of design systems.
3/ We identify & deploy technology to empower teams.

Our work delivers results using proven C-suite playbooks in marketing, sales & service

We are nimble, experienced, personable and can deliver bespoke outcomes.

For senior leaders who seek to drive change, Blirt is a trusted advisor who can deliver because we know how to bridge challenges of today with the results of tomorrow.


About The BEMA

Over years of research, success, failure, trial & error, Blirt has created the Brand Experience Maturity Assessment (BEMA).

The BEMA is a (really) deep dive into more than 200 data points across your brand strategy & execution to find the gaps.  The maturity assessment will highlight where and what the leadership team should focus on in order to achieve transformation traction.

Conducted via digital survey & client interviews the research is presented in person via video conference or strategic workshop.

The BEMA is the foundation of a strategic roadmap in transforming your brand.

“Only 20% of strategists have the clarity on where transformational change will empower their company to win.”

– Gartner Market Insights

The BEMA delivers clarity on where a leadership team need to focus their attention.

The assessment surfaces the maturity of the brand’s functional competency & systems capability across the six primary functions of leadership and management;

Vision – casting, setting and delivering.

Market – segmentation, opportunity identification and personas.

Strategy – positioning, differentiation and competitive advantages.

Business model – value creation, systems, financial clarity.

Customer experience – acquiring, retaining and growing customers through marketing, sales & service.

Employee experience – acquiring, retaining and growing talent through your HR programs.

Where you are on the Experience Curve is determined by how much clarity, competency and capability you have on the six fundamental functions of the business.

We can identify a business level maturity score, but also break that score down to different functions and the specific disciplines within customer experience (sales, marketing, service) and employee experience.

This experience score helps identify where effort should be focussed. 

The rolled up experience score helps identify where on the Experience Curve the brand is.

Represented as a percentage, the marker also helps identify what phase of growth the brand might be in and therefore identify what types of activities can unblock growth across people, process & digital technology.  

“70% of employees say they lack mastery over the skills they need to do their job.”

– Gartner Market Insights

Most importantly the BEMA will identify where the brand’s strengths and weakness are in both functional competency and systems capability across both Customer and Employee Experience disciplines.  

The BEMA report will provide a detailed breakdown on each discipline to show what competencies and capabilities need to be built to move up the experience curve.

The disciplines covered are:

  • Sales (CX)
  • Marketing (CX)
  • Service (CX)
  • HR (EX)

BRAND & digital transformation

Work with Blirt.

We help brands deliver transformation across sales, marketing, service & HR so amazing customer experiences can be delivered at every stage & touchpoint of the journey.


Take the Brand Experience Maturity Assessment:

The survey is ...

> Designed for leaders and managers.

> Takes approx. 30 minus to complete.

> The foundation for all future strategic discussions.

> Online and can be taken anywhere in the world.

> The survey costs $2,500 + gst (AUD) for teams of up to 15.  

> For teams of over 15, talk to us for enterprise pricing. 



Receive your BEMA report and join a review with us to hear the insights & actions presented:

The report presentation is...

> A detailed 50+ page review of brand experience.

> Report highlights X-Scores, discipline actions for growth in people, process and digital technology.

> Report delivered in pdf and discussion via video conference globally or in person (if client local within Australia).



Choose to go on a roadmap of transformation with us or DIY with your own tools & team:

Choose your engagement model

> After completing your BEMA work with us to execute the transformation program.

> We work with clients from as little as 1/2 a day per month to many days per month.  We’ll just help you achieve what you need.

> Our roadmaps focus on delivering quarterly activities of outcomes and insight.

> Engagements are designed for each customer.

> From $1,500 + gst / month.


Create the brand of tomorrow, today.

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