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Our Vision & People

We find insights and use these to build brand transformations.

Our Vision


Our vision is to help our clients build the business of tomorrow so they can win today.

We imagine the business of tomorrow is a business that effortlessly delights customers.

A business where employees can access what they need, whenever they need it on whatever device they have in order to find, win and keep customers.

A business that is empowered for the future taking advantage of AI, mobility and the cloud.

We want to help create a business you can be proud to lead, a business your team find a joy to work in and a business your customers never want to leave.

That is the business of tomorrow, you can build today.

What We Do

We help our clients deliver brand transformations across customer customer & employee experiences.

We do this through insights gleaned from leaders & managers (Brand Experience Maturity Assessment), customer (CX Insights) and employees or stakeholders (EX Insights). 


Our Services

Brand Transformation: Helping organisations plan, execute and scale a transformation across customer & employee experiences through continuous improvement based on insight.

CX Insights: Customer research for B2B or B2C organisations who want to understand brand advocacy, perceptions, content accelerators, roadblocks and competitive advantages from the customer’s language. 

EX Insights: Employee research for B2B or B2C organisations who want to understand employee brand advocacy, perceptions, career accelerators, roadblocks and competitive advances from the employees context. 

Individual or Team Competency: Developing skills in leadership, management, technology & creativity.

Systems Capability: Defining, planning and sourcing the right vendors to build the systems capability to grow sales, marketing, service or employee experiences.

our people

Executive Leadership

Stuart Leo

Stuart Leo

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Lisa Leo

Lisa Leo

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


We’re a passionate team of strategists, consultants, marketers, administrators and developers.


We believe in being

Here to Serve

Humbly Honest

Fiercely Creative

Always Forgiving

& Walking With Purpose


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