Here’s exactly how you’ll benefit from a marketing automation strategy – and some tools you can use to get started.  

Launching a product to deaf ears is the last thing an entrepreneur wants.

But that’s exactly what can happen if your marketing strategy falls flat. So how to keep your brand at the front of your customer’s minds?

A tight marketing automation strategy will do the trick.

Most people think of marketing automation as only email marketing but automation exists for social, seo, email and so many more activities. 

Your business will reach its full potential through the efficiency of automation. This is the kind of strategizing that will guarantee your business generates higher revenue. 

Automation is a powerful and proven successful strategy of marketing.

Let’s explore the awesome ways this method can benefit your brand.


What Is a Marketing Automation Strategy?

Marketing automation may seem a bit complicated at first. But once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy.

In fact, it quickly becomes a marketer’s dream.

Simply it is using logic with user behaviour to respond in the most appropriate and remove a whole host of manual tasks which can be completed… automatically! 

Here’s why…


Which Marketing Activities Can Be Automated?

The exciting news?

There are lots of activities that can be automated. 

You can automate functions like:

1. Understanding your business’s industry traffic potential

Automation can also help you identify your competitors.

2. Finding keyword opportunities for your company websites

This is important for SEO and creating profitable business goals.

You can automate with a tool like Sistrex’s ‘Opportunities’ feature. It shows you keywords that you’re not targeting that your competitors are.

In the past, this keyword analysis was a time-consuming process.

With automation, you’ll get these insights in record time.

These terms can improve site relevance for other terms your audience uses.


10 Benefits Of A Great Marketing Automation Strategy

Increases Leads And Conversions 

Companies using a marketing automation strategy often report higher conversion rates that non-users. Successful marketing automation can definitely increase your number of leads and conversions. 

One survey reported 80 percent of marketing automation users saw leads increase. Seventy-seven percent saw their number of conversions increase. 


Simplified Organizational And Marketing Tasks

Automated marketing replaces repetitive manual marketing tasks.

Marketing staff can then give more attention to more rigorous work. Productivity and revenue are consequently increased.


Smoother Workflow And Reduced Lead Times

Another benefit is smoother workflow.

Manually completing tasks often leaves room for error. However, automating tasks will systemize your marketing activities. 

Reduced lead time is another value added.

The smoother workflow allows for more efficient scheduling, launching, and overall coordination. Marketing activities that typically take days can be launched in hours across multiple platforms.

You can create pre-determined ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ email campaigns. This content will send to the correct recipients at specific times keeping them engaged.

Marketers will then be free to tackle other business activities.


Increased Revenue

The streamlined nature of a marketing automation strategy will make your workflow a breeze. This efficiency will reward you with increased revenue!


Customer Retention

Another great use of a marketing automation strategy?

Customer retention.

You can automate your marketing to track which products visitors are interested in. Marketers can then further target their promotions to meet those interests.

This insight helps companies predict customer needs and wants.

Automated marketing can also identify anonymous visitors and uncover their contact information. This knowledge will help you keep your customers returning again and again.


The Right Marketing Automation Strategy Is Channel-Agnostic

What’s great about marketing automation is that can be used across various platforms. It can be used with email, SEO, social media and more. 

It’s a centralized place for a variety of marketing activities. This ultimately makes your life as an entrepreneur that much sweeter. 


Offers Relationship Marketing

Let’s talk about relationship marketing and how automation strengthens it.

Relationship marketing focuses on getting high customer satisfaction.

Their approval leads to better consumer retention rates. When customers are satisfied a business is bound to have retention and referrals.

A marketing automation strategy frees time for entrepreneurs to have more personal relationships with customers and prospects. Something as simple as a dynamically personalized email can quickly create a conversion.


Tracking And Monitoring Of Marketing Campaigns

Looking for a way to track your marketing expenses better?

Automation can take this task off your hands.

You can even monitor responses to your marketing campaigns. This will provide excellent insight into their success or failure. You can take the info and rev up for a new winning strategy!


Increase Web Event Success 

Web events make up a huge portion of marketing automation strategy.

These interactive events can include webinars, webcasts, virtual conferences, demos etc.

Are you a marketer planning an event?

Integrating web events with popular web forms can save you a lot of time in organizing events. Web events also increase customer engagement and lead quality.


How To Start Benefiting From Your Marketing Automation Strategy

Ready to start the process of automating your marketing strategies online?

Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way: 


Get Traffic

Ready to soak up the benefits of automated marketing?

The main thing you want is for people to visit your website. You can start building your traffic by publishing unique content on your blog.


Use Call-To-Actions

You’ve now attracted traffic to your site.

So it’s time to tell them what you want them to do. Use a Call-To-Action (CTA) button to give visitors a suggested next step.


Create A Convincing Landing Page

A landing page is where your potential customers land after clicking your CTA.

Here, you should convince your lead to complete any CTA suggested action. You want to have a highly effective landing page to land conversions. 


Tackle Leads

A great way to attract leads is through creating useful content.

You could create infographics, tip sheets, eBooks and in-depth content. Use a drip campaign to soak up all your new conversions!


Analyze Your Success

Analyze data and check to see what’s working and what’s not.

Continue to bui
ld new content and landing pages. Keep your content fresh and bring in new visitors.



A marketing automation strategy will help your business rock at efficient customer engagement. 

Ready to take your business’s marketing strategy to the next level? Book a consult with us today.