Digital marketing can be the greatest advancement in business our generation has ever seen. Or it can be exhausting to keep up with.

It all depends on who you ask. For businesses who are struggling to manage all the platforms and strategies a digital approach requires they can become overwhelmed and confused.

They know they need a digital strategy to survive. But they also sense they are only nibbling at the edges of the possibilities.

Marketing automation benefits businesses who need a tool to bring it all together. Your email and social media campaigns don’t need to be haphazard and confused any longer.

Automation changes all that. Here’s how: 

What Is It?

Marketing automation unifies and simplifies the system of attracting and nurturing customers. 

Connecting your CRM with your marketing strategy, automation integrates all aspects of your digital approach. This includes email, forms, web pages, social media, advertising, and content.

Marketing Automation Benefits You

Marketing automation benefits you in all the ways traditional marketing can. Only better. 

There is less room for error with an automated approach. You can easily track leads and campaigns all the way through the sales cycle into client management. 

Marketing automation benefits include long-term client management and customer retention. You can implement unique touchpoints that trigger contract expansion or multiple customer sales. 

Further, marketing automation allows you to keep things clear and focused in your organization. With new marketing trends and platforms in the digital arena every year your company will be able to integrate seamlessly. 

Want more sales, fewer costs, and an integrated approach? We will show you how. 

Here goes:

1. Integrated Approach

Your marketing plan should include traditional web content, social media, and email marketing, at the very least.

Here are some marketing numbers to consider:

Your digital plan has to include SEO for Google, Facebook ads, social media, video, and traditional content in one form or another. This is just the tip of the iceberg. 

We haven’t even talked about other social media sites, live video, mobile content, and email campaigns. 

How can your organization create solid branding, concerted efforts, and an integrated approach across all these platforms without a tool to integrate your efforts?

You can’t. And all that confusion creates costs. 

Automation cuts the waste and cuts the costs. 

2. Decreased Costs

If you have multiple marketing directors wearing multiple hats, automation is going to change the course of your business. Marketing automation benefits employee costs because you won’t need so many managers pushing buttons. 

A single button launches an integrated campaign. Let your marketing professionals create a strategy, use analytics, and get more efficient. 

Don’t waste their talents on the administration of tracking emails and social media separately.  

Plus, decreased costs mean increased returns.  

3. Increased ROI

Make that trackable increased ROI as one of the major marketing automation benefits. The philosophy surrounding marketing has changed in business and you need to change with it.

Automation can help. Marketing can no longer be an abstract cost center in your business. 

Marketing needs to be directly trackable to results. An email, social media campaign or content creation strategy can tie to clicks, leads, conversion, and retention.  

This is impossible to do without a trackable, integrated, automated approach. If you leave too much to guesswork in your marketing efforts the ROI numbers get fuzzy.  

You already know your costs will decrease. Watch your returns rise with trackable results.  

4. Understand Your Customers

Automation lets you learn more about your customers. You get to see their buying behavior and their relationship to your content and platforms.

Understanding your customer base is one thing. Understanding your individual customers is something altogether different. 

Think of the possibilities when you understand when, how, and why individuals buy. You can tailor deals, products, and your entire operation. 

5. Turn Operations on Its Head

All of us can think of times when marketing came in to save the day. But in the digital economy marketing isn’t just about making big sales.

With automation tied to operations and customer relationship, management marketing can drive the ship. 

You know how your customers buy, why, and when. You can predict the efficiency of campaigns and forecast based on returns. 

Watch operations follow marketing as your automation delivers results. 

6. Customer Retention and Client Expansion

What are those numbers about how much more expensive it is to keep a customer than to go find a new one?

Some experts say it is 5 to 25 times more expensive to get a new customer than to keep an existing one.

Automation goes one step further. By using automation to individualize the experience client expansion and upselling are much easier to manage. 

Your strategy will respond to the unique needs of each client. Watch retention numbers climb and client upsells rise as well. 

7. Don’t Drop The Ball

Customers can get lost in the shuffle. With multiple channels, differing needs, and vastly unique buying habits it can be tough to manage. 

Further, your internal staff can be geographically dispersed and have a wide range of core skills. The combination often leads to marketing campaigns being mismanaged and mishandled. 

The email campaign was just right for a certain customer. But the social media touch never got there. 

You can’t expect any one person in your organization to keep it all straight. And they don’t.

The requirements of digital marketing lead to fingerpointing between your employees, your processes, and your technology support.

That ends with automation. You have a trackable system that is automatic and reaches your current and potential clients on time with precise content created expressively for them and their buying habits.

Is there any way that approach wouldn’t boost sales? 

8. Boost Sales

The bottom line is that automation boosts sales. Your costs will be decreased and your multi-channel campaigns will be more effective. 

By tracking ROI effectively y
ou can immediately reinvest in certain campaigns that are successful. But through understanding the buying habits of your customers you can customize each experience for them. 

Automation is the next step in making the most of marketing your business. 

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