Are you a business owner seeking to grow your brand in an affordable but effective way?

If so, you should consider local marketing automation as a way to broaden the reach of your product or service.

Local marketing automation helps you automate your digital marketing efforts. It does this by developing a strategic message delivered in a systematic way.

To understand local marketing automation, let’s look at the key principles behind it.


Consistent Message

Local marketing automation is useful because it provides a consistent message to your audience.

It’s important that your message to consumers is clear and concise. It must also resonate with them and their needs in a unique way.

Local marketing automation leverages local trends, events, and attitudes. By doing so, it helps your business deliver its message in the best way possible.

It’s accomplished through the use of local landing pages. These pages relay consistent and accurate information to visitors.

This includes information about your businesses products and services. But also things like your business name, location and operating hours.

Local marketing automation also automates things like email and sales messages.  It also identifies strategic advertisement placements online and develops keywords.


Improve Local SEO

It should come as no secret in the digital age that strong search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial aspect of your online marketing campaign. 

This becomes all the more important if you are small to medium-sized business through local SEO.

Just look at some of the statistics surrounding online business searches and location.

According to WordStream, 72-percent of consumers who did a local search (online) visited a store located within five miles from them.

In 2016, Google reported that 30-percent of mobile searches are related to location.

Local marketing automation’s focus on accurate information helps improve local SEO rankings. This is where your business is listed in search results on different search engines. 

How does local marketing automation do this?

Search engine crawlers (or spiders) rely upon the authority and validation of a website.

But how is your business information seen as authoritative and validated?

By accurate data that is uniform across different landing pages and directories online!

Local marketing automation keeps your information uniform and up-to-date, which improves this accuracy. In turn, this can result in improved local SEO rankings.

Being found online matters. 


Develop a Strong Reputation

Local marketing automation also helps your business develop a strong reputation.

Offering a quality product or service is important. But your reputation will help bring your customers back.

Local marketing automation helps your businesses reputation in different ways.

One way is by monitoring online reviews and being proactive in responding to these. By removing this time-consuming task from your plate, it adds value to your business. This is because your employees can devote more time to developing and selling your product or service.

Local marketing automation also helps you to develop a stronger online reputation. It does this by managing online ratings and using in-depth analysis to your advantage.

The feedback customers leave online is a valuable tool for your business. After all, they are telling you what they like or don’t like about your product or service.

In-depth analysis helps your business develop a more effective marketing message to customers.


Mobile Optimization

Local marketing automation also focuses on mobile optimization for your online marketing campaign.

But why is mobile optimization important for your business?

In October 2016, mobile web browsing outpaced its PC counterpart for the first time ever. 

But more important than the present, is what is expected to come with mobile web browsing in the future. It’s showing no signs of slowing down. And in fact, it’s quite the opposite!

An increase in smartphone use across mobile devices is impacting online marketing. In fact, analysts predict an increase in wireless data traffic by more than 300-percent in 2017!

This means that if your business an online presence, you can’t ignore the importance of the mobile web browsing experience.

Local marketing automation develops strong local content for mobile and traditional web browsing. For prospective clients, it’s important that you have a seamless transition from one platform to another. 


Local Marketing Automation

Local marketing automation is a valuable tool that helps you develop a strong marketing campaign. The strength of your marketing campaign is on the key principles that guide it.

By using automated marketing, your business can bring a consistent message to consumers. Not only is the message strategically timed and placed. It’s also developed with your target market in mind.

It provides consistent information that’s accurate across all platforms. That accuracy is what will help you to improve your local SEO. By doing so, local customers are more likely to discover your product using internet search engines.

Local marketing automation can also help your businesses develop a strong reputation. It does this through active monitoring of online reviews and ratings left by customers.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Local marketing automation analyzes this information to find emerging trends. It also allows your business to see prevailing attitudes in your customer base.

In turn, your business can refine your marketing efforts. You can also use this information to develop a better product or service. One that is more responsive to your customer’s needs.

Keeping up with trends in your local market also means being responsive to the changing world of consumerism.

Local marketing automation can help you to develop a marketing campaign optimized for mobile web browsing. With the increase in mobile web browsing, it is an important part of marketing.

As a business owner, bringing your product or service to customers takes a lot of time, effort, and money.

But marketing your product is made easier through local marketing automation. This is because it helps to streamline your marketing campaign. In doing so, your employees can spend more time developing your product or service. It also helps you to tap into your local market in a unique way.

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