Sales Cloud’s artificial intelligence (AI) feature makes the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform more powerful – and an even greater asset to your business.


Aptly called Einstein AI, the system analyses the data you keep in Sales Cloud and produces insights for you that help you close sales and take action to improve the experience you offer your customers.


But First: What is Salesforce?

CRM technology determines the strength of your customer relationships and is critical to your endeavors to provide incredible customer experiences. The right system stores your data and processes it to develop insights that help you better market your accounts, automate interactions with your customers and improve your relationships overall.


As the leading system on the market, Salesforce and its platform Sales Cloud does all these things exceptionally – and much more. Its cloud-based technologies offer an infrastructure framework that allows privacy and security for businesses and their clients, and it offers a consistent update program. The platform is available on any device, accessible anywhere in the world and is fully customisable through the largest business app marketplace in the world, AppExchange.


Einstein AI

At the heart of Einstein AI is a realisation that artificial intelligence is about making people’s jobs easier, rather than replacing humans. Looking at the full picture behind Einstein AI, it is clear that Salesforce recognises salespeople are passionate about selling and that paperwork gets in the way of that.


Einstein AI spent more than two years in development after the acquisition of Exact Target and, by 2017, was delivering as many as 475 million predictions, recommendations and lead scores every day across all of Salesforce’s platforms.


The revolutionary artificial intelligence system is designed to produce insights and predictions, recommend actions to take and automate some functions – but such brevity does not give it the credit it deserves. In terms of sales, it automatically scores leads and prioritises them for you – letting you know the factors behind those scores – while predicting how likely your deals are to closing, and tracks team performance for you. Using the data in your CRM, it can build a profile of preferences for your customers, predict customer decisions through customer sentiment indications and deliver the correct content to maximise your sales opportunities. It also automatically captures data and creates contacts itself to save you time. Behind the scenes, Einstein AI is always combing CRM data for insights it can give to improve the sales process.


However, Einstein AI’s usefulness goes well beyond frontline sales. Through related platforms, it can connect your community of customers with the experts they are after, or automatically generate help topics online so customers can find the answers they are after more simply. The system gives you the ability to create your own AI models to predict the outcomes that matter to you, or create your own bots that can handle simple queries so your staff can handle the more complex ones. You can peruse the full features of Einstein AI here.


While the power of Einstein AI, and the features that will be brought online in the future, can obviously help improve internal processes, small and medium businesses (SMEs) should look at them through the lens of improving customer experience. In one of the previous examples, being able to predict what customers will buy through profiling will allow an SME to put more accurate purchasing options in front of customers, creating more sales – but the more personalised approach will also satisfy customers. The same Segmentsurvey from 2007 noting that 49 per cent of shoppers who purchase a product they didn’t intend to after receiving a personalised recommendation also says that 44 per cent of consumers could go on to become repeat buyers from a brand after a personalised experience.


The exciting thing about Einstein AI is not just the breadth of insights in can produce, but the way it is ingrained across the CRM platform. AI is not just a bolt-on – it is a part of the Sales Cloud experience. Other companies, even some multi-national information technology giants, have had to play catch-up.


Sales Cloud means all of Einstein AI’s insights, predictions, recommendations and automations are available for SMEs to access from the field, on any device.


A Word of Caution

In order to maximise sales and build incredible customer experiences through tools like Einstein AI, it is imperative to ensure all data runs into Sales Cloud. Without data, an SME’s relationship with its customers approaches guesswork. For example, the insights derived by Einstein AI are going to be very different – and potentially inaccurate – if only half the available data is inputted, compared to the results if it is all inputted.


What Blirt Offers

Blirt shows you how you can make your business a more successful, customer-focused SME by using the world’s leading CRM platform, Salesforce.


Blirt is a Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner and a Salesforce Pardot Select Partner, so it knows how businesses can get the best from the system. With our expertise, SMEs are able to use Salesforce and Sales Cloud seamlessly, bringing internal benefits and, most importantly, making every experience enjoyable for customers.


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