Your brand represents the sum of people’s perception of your logo, advertising, reputation, and customer service.

How To Understand and Build Brand Architecture for Optimum Customer Experience

The purpose of Brand Architecture is to enable scale within the organisation’s business model whilst retaining clarity to the customer.

This is really important to understand.  The purpose of Brand Architecture is allowing the business to grow at the right pace (ideally as quickly as possible) whilst being crystal clear in offering to the customer.

Many Brand Architecture models have been developed over the years.  All come down to understanding how far or close the brand is in relationship to another brand.  The last thing you want is a collection of brands within an organisation with purpose, clarity or order.

What are the four simple frameworks to understanding Brand Architecture?  

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An Australian First: Tealium Appoints Blirt

Sydney, NSW – 16 July 2015 –Tealium, the leader in enterprise tag management and real-time customer data solutions, today announced it has appointed Blirt, a leading technology driven marketing agency, as the first distribution partner in Australia. It is the first wholly local partnership for Tealium.

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Branded Keywords- Do You Need Them?

A question we are frequently asked is; should a business bid on its own brand name when it comes to AdWords and pay per click (PPC) campaigns? What’s the trick? What works better- Branded or Non-Branded keywords? Or should you budget for both?

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What Characteristics Make a Great Brand?

When you understand what brands are – the collection of purpose, thoughts, ideas and personality of an organisation, person or product – you understand that brands are simply character.  That’s why brand and reputation are so intrinsically connected.  

A reputation is an external impression of an internal state.  You might like to simplistically think that reputation is the external outcome of that person’s internal beliefs and values.

So what are the characteristics of a great brand (or a great character)?

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Why Brands Are People

Brands need to be simple to understand for brand manager, employee and most importantly, customer.

The best and simplest way to understand brands is as people, or characters.  Why do we believe that brands are best expressed as people? 

This article or rather story, outlines why people today understand brands through the lens of human characteristics. 

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