Your brand represents the sum of people’s perception of your logo, advertising, reputation, and customer service.

What Characteristics Make a Great Brand?

When you understand what brands are – the collection of purpose, thoughts, ideas and personality of an organisation, person or product – you understand that brands are simply character.  That’s why brand and reputation are so intrinsically connected.  

A reputation is an external impression of an internal state.  You might like to simplistically think that reputation is the external outcome of that person’s internal beliefs and values.

So what are the characteristics of a great brand (or a great character)?

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Why Brands Are People

Brands need to be simple to understand for brand manager, employee and most importantly, customer.

The best and simplest way to understand brands is as people, or characters.  Why do we believe that brands are best expressed as people? 

This article or rather story, outlines why people today understand brands through the lens of human characteristics. 

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What comes first Brand or Strategy?

I often get asked this question;  “Does an organisation work out it’s Strategy and then go about building it’s Brand or does occur vice versa – and does it even matter?”

Well, yes it matters if one comes before the other.  Alignment in Organisation Thinking is critical to ensuring your answering the right questions in the right order.  

So, what comes first an organisation’s Brand or it’s Strategy. 

At Blirt we help organisation’s think through their Brand before they go about setting strategy.

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What is Brand Personality?

What really is a brand personality?  Well, we like to describe it as the ‘Brand’s Body’ – the flesh, skin, tone, clothes, voice, style and expression of the core brand.

Tone of Voice and Language are big, BIG, elements of Brand Personality.  What better way to explain this than to give an example.

The following is an internal memo release by Yahoo – thanks to All Things D for unearthing this.  

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Culture vs Brand or Culture + Brand?

The culture of an organisation is so inextricably linked to its brand. Cultures surround us all. Cultures are deep seated, pervasive and complex.

Yet, according to Edgard Schein, “Organizational learning, development, and planned change cannot be understood without considering culture as the primary source of resistance to change.”

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Avoiding the Function Mistake in Organisation Purpose and Differentiation

Inspirational Organisations have a clear connection between their greater purpose and their competitive advantages.  

They have clarity and strategic alignment between the organisation’s ‘Brand Spirit’ and ‘Strategic Positioning.’

For example, Virgin’s pursuit to ‘be the customer’s champion’ (greater purpose) is clearly linked to their service experience and fair pricing (competitive advantages) they’d deliver in many of their markets.   ….. 

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What is a Brand? Why Does it Matter?

How you answer this question determines where your brand efforts (read time & money) get placed. Misunderstand what a brand is and you can find yourself spending time & money on things that may not matter as much as you thought.
What is a brand? It is certainly not a logo or icon.
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