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Digital Advertising is Changing: Are you ready for the New Era?

The internet-based world of advertising, digital marketing, and social media, is a constantly changing, ever advancing progression of new, altered, and innovative. There are advancements happening at such a fast rate, that sometimes it can be hard to keep track and know what is in, what is out, and what is yet to come.

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The Best & Most Brutal Business Advice From The Show “Billions”

Social media is full of pithy business advice in memes and ‘wanna be’ business gurus.  Most of this is utter rubbish.

Every now and then the best business advice comes from the most unlikely source – streaming tv.

Here’s a clip from the TV Show “Billions” that condenses years of Business University in 25 seconds.

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Top 5 Marketing Channels of 2018

In 2018, staying ahead of the curve in your company marketing plan will involve staying on par with the most current marketing channels and understanding the role they play in your business. From there, it is about knowing how to best use them to leverage their advantages, bringing you customers and bringing you profit. Ready to learn more? Here is where to start: 

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Overcoming Barriers to Deliver Customer Experience Leadership

Everybody wants to deliver customer experience leadership.  Some believe they are, many don’t realise they are not and still many don’t realise it truly is within their grasp.

It is possible for any team to transform their organisation through building a world class customer experience. 

I’m going to cover the barriers that hold organisations back, the behaviours leaders exhibit and a summary of the Blirt services to help achieve customer experience leadership. 

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