On demand services and training courses at affordable rates for anyone in the world.

These on demand courses or stand alone services are for the sole trader, small business owner or individual leaders who want to make changes and seek the clarity to win.

Leaders who either want to start and scale, or reinvent and renew.    

Instead of taking a guided coaching services through Brand Anatomy Navigator, the Essentials tool kit allows you to buy in small pieces the different components of the Brand Anatomy Program. 

Whether it’s just doing Brand Anatomy: Identity, which will help you create an amazing brand strategy or Brand Anatomy: Calibrate to simply focus on the leadership calibration and alignment, the Essentials Toolkit gives you the power to choose what you want to do, when and for how long.

Looking for a face to face service with our consultants?

Brand Anatomy Navigator is what you need.

The Essentials Toolkit On-demand

All courses or services are purchased online and services delivered direct to your inbox.

Courses are delivered by video, text and eBook downloads.  

The BEMA can be ordered online and taken as a stand alone maturity assessment to power a strategic planning process for any team.


The BEMA will identify where the brand’s strengths and weakness are across functional competency and systems capability and the impact on both Customer and Employee Experience disciplines.  

Learning Outcomes

  1. Will identify immediate actions to improve your bottom line
  2. Identifies the execution gaps you need to close to improve your brand
  3. A foundation for future strategic discussions.

Brand Anatomy: Identity

Build your Brand Module teaches you how to build your brand by answering the following questions:

  • What is brand?
  • Why is it important?
  • What is brand character?

Learning Outcomes

  1. Create and sustain a path towards your vision
  2. Turn belief into action and stay “on brand” 
  3. Express personality and deliver on promise

Brand Anatomy: Calibrate

Brand Leadership Alignment provides a structured approach to sharpen the focus of your Leadership Team on the business through a program of continual improvement.  Using our 7 Question framework will assist you to unearth and prioritise the initiatives with the most benefit to your business.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Align the business leadership Team
  2. Identify initiatives to strengthen the business 
  3. Prioritise initiatives that will shift the needle on the business

Brand Anatomy: Maturity

Build maturity in your business through skills and systems, then document these in brand building playbooks and release growth across your business using your playbooks. Most importantly, it will help you create a culture of compounding continuous improvement to create daylight between you and your competitors.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Build customised playbooks across the core business functions
  2. Systemise business process with consistent outcomes
  3. Create a cohesive culture where continuous improvement is BAU

Brand Anatomy: Support

We are here to hel;p you every step of the way towards building your busioness of tomorrow. If you’ve chosen the Brand Anatomy Essentials Program good on you! But, if you need a hand, some guidance, support or assistamce with anything, you can buy some one to one time with us to get clarity and keep moving on.

What you get

  1. 1 hour blocks of one to one time via a video call
  2. Sessions focused on your needs and requirments
  3. Fast tracked clarity so you can keep moving forward
  4. Ongoing sessions… no problem


Who developed the strategic playbook?

Blirt developed a Strategic Playbook called “The 7 Questions” over 10 years of learning from busienss consulting. The playbook is called “The 7 Questions” and is built around the output of 7 questions. 6 questions relate to core business functions. The answer to the 7th question leads leadership teams to calibrate and align.

Can I downgrade from Brand Anatomy Enterprise or Navigator Program

Yes of course. Both the Navigator and Enterprise Programs are subscription based with a 30 day notice period. And if you’re not satisfied with the service after your first month we’ll refund your money, we just ask that you clarify why you are not satisfied.

If I purchase a Brand Anatomy Essentials module is there an expiry date on completing the module?

There is no expiry date or exams either. Brand Anatomy Essentials is designed to support you learn in your time and optimise your business as you’re ready… iteration by iteration. 

What happens once I complete the Brand Anatomy Essentials program?

You go forth and conquer. Optimise, iterate and accelerate to the next level, rinse and repeat! If you need any support or coaching you can purchase an hour of one to one time or sign up to Brand Anatomy Navigator and take your business to the next level.

How soon after purchase will I see a difference in my organisation?

That depends entirely on you and your Team. Brand Anatomy Essentials modules vary in length but once a module is complete you will be able to implement your learning immediately. And if you need advice, guidance, support or assistance you can purchase one hour blocks of face to face time with us.

What if I sign up for Brand Anatomy Essentials and wish to upgrade? Is that possible?

Yes of course. We’ll refund the purchase amount and sign you up for Brand Anatomy Navigator or Enterprise, no worries!

Is there a trial for Brand Anatomy Essentials?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with a Brand Anatomy Essentials module. We just ask that you clarify why you are not satisfied. 

After completing a Brand Anatomy Essentials module, am I able to refer back to the learning content and materials?

Yes of course. You will be able to reference the learning material whenever you need so as you learn, progress and grow your business you can iterate and optimise further using the Brand Anatomy framework. 

What happens once I register for a Brand Anatomy Essentials module?

We administer Brand Anatomy Essentials on Teachable. Once you have completed the Teachable registration process you will be issued with your Teachable account and login credentials so you can access the course and begin the module.