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Consulting & Coaching

We will help you cut the learning curve, gain clarity, save time & money and help you build repeatable systems through proven playbooks.

This program is for the change maker, those who seek the clarity to win.

Leaders who either want to start and scale, or reinvent and renew.

This is a coaching & advisory service using the Brand Anatomy Playbooks.  We’ll meet with you over video conference and provide hands on help to navigate through the brand growth program.

“The BEMA truly is a deep dive across the fundamental areas of any business and really got us to think about our organisation in ways we hadn’t previously.

We found the results you provided insightful and beneficial to the understanding of exactly where we are as a business.

Every business should complete the “BEMA” what an incredibly insightful business intelligence tool!“

- Alexander

What can you expect?

The program follows a structured approach during the first month and then adapts to your specific situation.



On sign up, we’ll send out the BEMA digital survey so that by our first meeting we’ll be presenting your results.


We will present the BEMA results and facilitate a deep dive into the insights exposed.


We will facilitate the first roadmap session and you will learn how to build the first cycle of continuous compounding improvement.


We will start on the first playbook and you will be learning how to validate and scale on the experience curve.



During the Brand Anatomy program, based on your business need, we’ll help you build out the following playbooks:

 » Brand Anatomy: Identity – brand strategy

» Brand Anatomy: Calibrate – strategy plan, process and leadership playbook

» Brand Anatomy: Sales – the sales playbook 

» Brand Anatomy: Marketing – the marketing playbook

» Brand Anatomy: Service – the service playbook 

» Brand Anatomy: CX – the customer experience playbook

» Brand Anatomy: EX – the employee experience playbook

Expect to learn how to….

  • Find a unique position and leverage the growth opportunity.
  • Build a real brand that has cut through in your market.
  • Build sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Build a brand culture & reputation that can achieve scale through focus.
  • Define the right KPIs for continuous growth and see these compound over time.
  • Create a leadership culture through continuous improvement.
  • Have clarity in your data and key metrics.
  • Create a sales methodology that you can train teams across.
  • Align your team with simplicity.
  • Create playbooks for teams which equip and empower success.
  • Create your brand playbook.
  • Define and build a great company culture.
  • Create a pipeline of quality talent.
  • Simplify the strategic planning process so anyone can quickly plan, calibrate and align and stay true to your core.
  • And, so much more!


Scheduled coaching & advisory session times, billed on subscription.  Month 1 includes the BEMA and is charged at $3,024 once off.  Your subscription will then apply from month 2.

No Risk. No Hassle. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Full refund if you’re not happy.
Read on to hear what our clients have experienced.

Blirt have brought the clarity needed to breakthrough the roadblocks. I have a clear path to sustainable growth, average deal size is up 300%, customers are happier and we’re on track.


Founder & CEO, UCare


New clients can sign up here.
We can’t wait to get started and see what you can achieve.


New clients can enquire here for a discovery call.  We will video conference with you. 

Could you be the next brand we help grow?

Hi, I’m Stuart.

I’m here to help you onboard into our program.

Book an appointment below and we can meet. You will be asked a few short questions after making the booking so I can prepare for our meeting.

Are you ready to find clarity?  Book an appointment.

Start, scale, or reinvent.

We’ve got you covered.


Who developed the strategic playbook?

Blirt developed a Strategic Playbook called “The 7 Questions” over 10 years of learning from busienss consulting. The playbook is called “The 7 Questions” and is built around the output of 7 questions. 6 questions relate to core business functions. The answer to the 7th question leads leadership teams to calibrate and align.

Can I downgrade from Brand Anatomy Enterprise or Navigator Program

Yes of course. Both the Navigator and Enterprise Programs are subscription based with a 30 day notice period. And if you’re not satisfied with the service after your first month we’ll refund your money, we just ask that you clarify why you are not satisfied.

If I purchase a Brand Anatomy Essentials module is there an expiry date on completing the module?

There is no expiry date or exams either. Brand Anatomy Essentials is designed to support you learn in your time and optimise your business as you’re ready… iteration by iteration. 

What happens once I complete the Brand Anatomy Essentials program?

You go forth and conquer. Optimise, iterate and accelerate to the next level, rinse and repeat! If you need any support or coaching you can purchase an hour of one to one time or sign up to Brand Anatomy Navigator and take your business to the next level.

How soon after purchase will I see a difference in my organisation?

That depends entirely on you and your Team. Brand Anatomy Essentials modules vary in length but once a module is complete you will be able to implement your learning immediately. And if you need advice, guidance, support or assistance you can purchase one hour blocks of face to face time with us.

What if I sign up for Brand Anatomy Essentials and wish to upgrade? Is that possible?

Yes of course. We’ll refund the purchase amount and sign you up for Brand Anatomy Navigator or Enterprise, no worries!

Is there a trial for Brand Anatomy Essentials?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with a Brand Anatomy Essentials module. We just ask that you clarify why you are not satisfied. 

After completing a Brand Anatomy Essentials module, am I able to refer back to the learning content and materials?

Yes of course. You will be able to reference the learning material whenever you need so as you learn, progress and grow your business you can iterate and optimise further using the Brand Anatomy framework. 

What happens once I register for a Brand Anatomy Essentials module?

We administer Brand Anatomy Essentials on Teachable. Once you have completed the Teachable registration process you will be issued with your Teachable account and login credentials so you can access the course and begin the module. 


New clients can sign up here.
We can’t wait to get started and see what you can achieve.


New clients can enquire here for a discovery call.  We will video conference with you.