Brand Anatomy

This program is for the change maker, those who seek the clarity to win. Leaders who either want to start and scale, or reinvent and renew.      

Brand Anatomy Navigator is a coaching and consulting service like no other.  We’ve melded together the science of creativity, technology and leadership to help you build something truly unique. You.  

Brand Anatomy Navigator is delivered in person via video calls. You can choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly meetings.

The program follows a structured approach during the first 3 months:

  1. Introduction to the program, complete the BEMA and receive the results.
  2. Deep dive into the insights exposed by the BEMA and begin applying them to your Brand Character.
  3. Callibrate and align your Leadership Team and prioritise the tasks that will shift the needle on the business.

Lets help you create a Business as Usual culture of compounding continuous improvement to create daylight between you and your competitors.    


    You only improve what you measure.

    The maturity assessment is ...

    Our Brand Experience Maturity Assessment sets benchmarks of maturity in execution and identifies areas of focus that add value.

    The BEMA is a digital survey to leaders in your business and is complimented with one-on-one interviews by Blirt.

    This process takes two weeks and the final report is presented as a foundation to the first horizon roadmap workshop.

    We start each engagement with this and repeat it each year with you to show improvement. 





    Design a brand character a whole company can follow 

    A Brand is...

    The perception retained following the mix of experience one encounters with a person, or entity.

    The intersection of what you say about yourself, how you act, and what people think of you and your products and service.

    People perceive brands in the context of human characteristics.

    A good brand should embody: Purpose, Thoughts, Ideas & Personality.


    Sharpen business focus…

    Align your leaders...

    Clarifying what and how so all team members can accelerate decision making for maximum value.   

    How many times have you interacted with a brand only to realise that what they say, is a long way from what they do.  

    Calibrate yourself and your team to build a business built on the strength and confidence of knowing you are and most importantly who you are not.  


    Know the path to the ideal state..

    Our path to the ideal is...

    We identify a draft roadmap and this is our first quarterly workshop.

    At the end of the first workshop a clear roadmap exists for 3 – 6 horizons.

    Each quarter this is reviewed and priorities set for transformation.




    Own the tools to scale up performance.

    How we consistently win...

    The roadmap will prioritise initiatives to grow teams up the Experience Curve.

    In a need based order we build the playbooks in sales, marketing, service, brand or strategy.

    A Playbook is the how we go to market.

    It is the foundation to scale up and transform into the future.



    We make sense of dysfunction, translating solutions into aligned actions, helping leaders & teams focus on the right objectives to create the ideal results.

    Scientific Approach

    The Blirt BEMA, CX Insights & EX Insights research programs are a scientific management approach to build an objective view on where to invest time, resource and technology.

    X-Curve Benchmark

    Our innovative maturity index, BEMA, generates a benchmark output (we call it an X-Score) which helps you benchmark priorities, growth and transformation pathways for CX & EX – now and over time.

    Strategic Breakthrough

    Blirt helps you identify the activities that can have biggest impact and therefore helps reveal the one, two or three things per quarter that make a difference. That’s the discipline we practice with you.

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