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Brand Anatomy

After 10 years of working with startups, ASX listed, private high growth, sports stars and even a rock star or two – we’ve put all that we’ve learned into the simplicity of a single program to help anyone reinvent and grow their organization.   

We’re here to help, here to serve …. here to help you close the gap between today and what tomorrow may look like.    

This program is for the change maker, those who seek the clarity to win.  Leaders who either want to start and scale, or reinvent and renew.    

Brand Anatomy is a coaching and consulting service like no other.  We’ve melded together the science of creativity, technology and leadership to help you build something truly unique.  


Brand anatomy is a sense making framework that brings the clarity to grow your business.  

The Brand Anatomy Program will help you: 

  1. Gain the clarity to design a cut through identity built on a robust character of who you are and what you stand for.
  2. Create the alignment in your team to reduce roadblocks and accelerate good decision making.
  3. Build the skills and the systems to release growth across your business using proven playbooks customized for you.

Most importantly, Brand Anatomy will help you create a culture and mindset of compounding continuous improvement to create daylight between you and your competitors.    

We help you fix the big clarity problems.

Do you have clarity in who you are?

Do you know how to prioritise where to invest in brand growth?

Are you building maturity in skills and systems to release you as leader into what matters most?

We help you understand your brand with brilliant clarity.

You will discover clarity of:

  • Purpose
  • Principals
  • Perceptions
  • Positioning
  • Personality
  • Practices

We help you calibrate your business close gaps in performance.

You will discover how to establish a simple but powerful method of identifying the gaps in your brand – who you are today vs who you need to be tomorrow.

We help you create brand torque.

We help you see the roadblocks and next steps to maturity through powerful experience insights which reveal the next steps in where to build your skills and systems.

We help you create positive change through transformation.

We help you see the initiatives that matter, the change they can bring and where they sit as a priority.

We’ll help identity growth paths that create the greatest amount of value in the next quarter or half.

Unless you want to change who you are, then we’ll help you create the change in your brand without sacrificing the substance of who you are, why your customers love you and where you differentiate.

Brand Anatomy

That’s why we call it Brand Anatomy – the science of how your brand invades all parts of your who you are and what you do so that in everything you do, you create value.

BRAND Anatomy Program


Whether you take the online courses on demand, in your own time, or work through a guided program with us, Brand Anatomy has four key areas.

Benchmarking your maturity through the BEMA, creating a roadmap of value creation, deploying playbooks across brand, strategy, customer experience (sales, marketing, service) and employee experience. 


You only improve what you measure.

The maturity assessment is ...

Our Brand Experience Maturity Assessment sets benchmarks of maturity in execution and identifies areas of focus that add value.

The BEMA is a digital survey to leaders in your business and is complimented with one-on-one interviews by Blirt.

This process takes two weeks and the final report is presented as a foundation to the first horizon roadmap workshop.

We start each engagement with this and repeat it each year with you to show improvement. 





Know the path to the ideal state..

Our path to the ideal is...

We identify a draft roadmap and this is our first quarterly workshop.

At the end of the first workshop a clear roadmap exists for 3 – 6 horizons.

Each quarter this is reviewed and priorities set for transformation.




Own the tools to scale up performance.

How we consistently win...

The roadmap will prioritise initiatives to grow teams up the Experience Curve.

In a need based order we build the playbooks in sales, marketing, service, brand or strategy.

A Playbook is the how we go to market.

It is the foundation to scale up and transform into the future.




Build your people and they will build your business.

How we continuously improve...

Each playbook will require consulting and training in new skills.

We work with your leaders to identify the gaps and train teams in sales skills, marketing strategy, leadership development, technical competency and self improvement.



Create the brand of tomorrow, today.

Take the on demand live courses in or book a coaching program, talk to us today.