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Whether you’re a Marketing Manager, Marketing Specialist or an employer looking for the right type of marketing help, it’s important you know the key attributes of what we call ‘The XMarketer”.

When it comes to Digital Transformation, The XMarketer is like Keanu Reeves was to the Matrix, the tip to the spear or what Freddie Mercury was to Queen. Whatever your analogy, you need an XMarketer to drive digital transformation.

You can listen to the full podcast about the XMarketer here on “The Digital Transformation Show”. 

Before we deep dive into the XMarketer, it’s important to firstly understand how marketing has changed in modern times.

Over the course of the last 20 years there have been five major tech driven waves of change to wash over the world. Marketing is one of these waves but also is now impacted by all of these waves of change.

1.    Sales Technology Wave – From 1999

The CRM was often referred to as the sales persons best and worst enemy. Great for holding data and generating reports but tedious to update. The inception of the sales focused CRM saw the first wave of streamlining sales processes begin to emerge, and today its business suicide not have one.

2.    Service Technology – From 2005

Service technology has revolutionised the way in which make deliveries using GPS beacons instead of recording logbooks, provide customer support with online chat and integrated tele-systems and communicate with those who are ‘in the field’.

3.    Marketing Technology – From 2007

The early marketing technology platforms enabled marketers to send email series based on an action such as showing an interest in a particular product. Today marketers focus on collecting information about their prospects while the marketing technology delivers personalised content, showing that organisations know and understand their customers.

4.    Finance Technology – From 2012

From the inception of ecommerce, to PayPal, to apple pay and automated click to quote functionality, Fintech completely change the way we interact and pay for almost everything.

5.    Artificial Technology – From Now.

The new wave that will truly take a hold of the way we communicate as marketers is AI. Machine learning can unlock the secrets behind consumer readiness to buy, use the data to develop intuitive solutions and target prospects to accurately you’d swear someone is reading your thoughts.

The Marketing Technology (Martech) wave started to flow in 2007 – with early automation platforms using basic functionality. Today we now have some of the most sophisticated automation technologies using rich and expansive data, ultimately changing the way how marketers work, who they work with and what they work on.

What is the XMarketer?

An XMarketer is a term we use to describe leaders in the marketing community who push, innovate and better the customer experience to further drive the experience economy.

They lead their teams in a way that allows the skills of the individuals in their team to reach their peak performance through using the right technology and understanding clear strategy in the 21st century of marketing.

What are the characteristics of an XMarketer team?

In the realm of customer experience, there are six characteristics of market leading teams that encompass the spirit of the XMarketer:

1.    Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)

Continuous improvement as a team is the practice of becoming 1% better each day and allowing those small efforts to compound. Over time those small efforts amount to a scalable, high performing team. It’s essence is to make slight adjustments continually for the purpose of affecting large change in over a longer period.

For Example: A customer journey designed to take prospects through a product features showcase will be optimised hundreds of times over the course of a year. By the end of that year, all drop off points, conversion rates, timings etc would have been tested, compared and optimised to a point where positive outcomes are maximised. It wasn’t anyone activity that made this difference, but the cumulation of the hundreds of adjustments made over the course of the year.

2.    Collaborative

A connected team is a good team. Having the technology and openness do collaborate effectively around the things that matter, in real time – is what moves the needle on team productivity and innovation. All team members know as much as each other and therefore can apply their expertise with equal context.

3.    Journey Focused

The marketers funnel is no longer a one size fits all process. A team of Marketers work collectively toward personalised journeys and creating content to suit an outcome based on an activity is the key to unlocking journeys that work.

For example: Say you sell pushbikes online. If a prospect enquiries on a mountain bike, it’s logical to take them on the Mountain bike journey – showing them all the different mountain bikes and accessories they could purchase. But later they re-visit your site and start looking at road bikes. Your journey should capture this data and pivot away from mountain bikes and toward road bikes – all automated, all in real time.

4.    Content Creators

Ever heard the term ‘content is king’? Well today content is more important than ever. A team that know and understand that the right type of content, served to the right people, on the right platforms at the right time is the the difference between being head, and not. Today the consumer wants to know more than ever, details about the products they purchase so it’s important for a team of marketers to know the key is in the content – and produce it.

5.    Technology Investors

If you ever hear a marketer say ‘back in my day’ – run a mile. Technology is changing the way our society operates and marketers are always at the forefront, pushing boundaries and making the customers life easy. XMarketer teams use the best technology to get the best result and can’t afford to be stuck in their ways.

6.    Purpose Driven

This last point isn’t necessary specific to XMarketer teams, and can be applied to all teams across any organisations that value high performance. Teams and individuals that have a purpose in their roles and understand how their purpose contributes toward the vision of their organisation are the ones that drive change for the better.

What individual skills does the XMarketer exude?

Brand – Knowing a brand is more than a logo, but an entity that represents a certain set of values and attributes that customers can identify with.

Customer Experience – Marketers that understand the true value uplift in their offerings come from the customer experience – not from being cheaper, offering better quality etc.

Content – The ability to create content that solves a customer problem or helps a customer learn more about your product and how they can use it in their personal circumstances will accelerate any sales process.

Data Analytics – Being able to analyse data, pick trends, identify opportunities and spot weaknesses in marketing data is the insight and fuel required to drive the majority of today’s marketing activity. The answer is always in the data.

MarTech – Embracing new technology, mastering the technology and optimising your tech stack toward customer centricity and customer success now a non-negotiable for modern Marketer, let alone an XMarketer.

Leadership Development – In marketing especially, good leadership skills are crucial to cultivate a team of XMarketers. To focus on what matters and lead your team toward it is a strife difference to that of marketing leaders who focus solely on CTRs, ROIs and A/Bs.

Performance Management – Performance management is less about exposing the weaker performers, but to empower those team members to be accountable for their objectives and feel supported to achieve it.

If you need to build a team of XMarketers or bring your marketing team up to speed – talk to us.

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