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ADInstruments’ comprehensive, easy-to-use products are highly-cited in scientific journals and widely-used in classrooms and forward-thinking learning programs.


ADInstruments’ comprehensive, easy-to-use products are highly-cited in scientific journals and widely-used in classrooms and forward-thinking learning programs. For over 25 years, ADInstruments have been successful by developing quality products and providing great service.

In research, the versatile PowerLab data acquisition system with LabChart software can be customised for use in virtually any life science application with ADInstruments’ diverse range of amplifiers, instruments and specialised analysis software.

In education, LabTutor is helping to shape the future of tertiary education across a variety of fields, including physiology, pharmacology and medicine. With content developed in collaboration with experts in the field and an innovative approach to active learning, LabTutor strives to deliver better learning outcomes for students.


The Challenge

With a growing team and an expanding global footprint, ADInstruments identified the need to ensure marketing processes were robust enough to be delivered consistently from one market to another, whilst maintaining the flexibility to localise campaigns to the needs of prospects in each region.

Further complicating matters, ADInstruments caters to multiple segments with unique purchasing patterns, requiring the ability to maintain brand level communications whilst supporting messaging and touchpoints for each line of business.

The Solution

ADInstruments invested in developing a marketing strategy that included marketing automation, to ensure the delivery of campaigns wasn’t bottlenecked by manual marketing operations. Pardot was deployed alongside Salesforce to automate the tedious elements of campaign coordination, allowing focus to be applied where value can be added to the customer.

To maximise efficiently and consistency, marketing automation processes were incorporated into new staff onboarding, in addition to regular training. This removed the duplication of efforts and allowed team members to focus on customer-centric marketing communications aligned with a global strategy, rather than each team needing to start each campaign from scratch.

ADInsruments were also able to augment ad-hoc email sends by leveraging Pardot’s ‘drip nurturing’ functionality. Prospects who request more information regarding the suite of ADInstruments’ scientific data acquisition products could enter a communication stream tailored to their area of interest.

Using Pardot’s automation functionality, prospects can be served only relevant content that will based on their individual characteristics and behaviours. Further abandoning a ‘one-size-fits-all’ marketing approach, the interactions with each nurturing stream can then be evaluating to ensure programs are continually optimised and tailored to the prospect’s needs.

“The impact of aligning sales and marketing teams was realised almost immediately. Information that was previously warehoused was made accessible, such as prospects interaction with marketing channels being made available to the sales team from within Salesforce.

Although we are at the beginning of our journey, we are already seeing the benefits of optimising our marketing based on real-world data”
– Julie Curphey, ADInsruments Chief Marketing Officer

To ensure an optimal customer experience, ADInstruments also leveraged Pardot’s lead scoring functionality to monitor a prospect’s engagement, ensuring the business development teams could contact customers at the right time in the purchasing process.


Pardot Marketing Automation

With a wide range of products and marketing touchpoints, manually estimating an individuals’ level of interest previously proved almost impossible. With Pardot, these scores are now automatically applied – not simply at a touchpoint level, but relative to each segment.

Pardot seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, allowing the sales team to easily view a customer’s score alongside each of the contributing marketing channels and tailor the service offering accordingly.


“Rather than settling for ‘marketing for the sake of marketing’, we are ensuring that attention is given to meaningful strategy, rather than diverting resources to manually campaign delivery.”


The Results

Previously, an obstacle to delivering effective campaigns in a timely manner was the resource-intensive nature of the operating a campaign. With team members spending time combing through databases of prospects, cross-checking content with other regions and manually setting up each campaign.

With a centralised platform, hosted in the cloud and accessible everywhere, marketing teams are now able to leverage campaign frameworks, prospects lists and marketing assets for each campaign without having to reinvent the wheel for each touchpoint.

ADInstruments are also able to notify existing customers of new software releases and new features without the need to manually determine which group of prospects. With best-in-class version adoption, the development teams are able to focus on containing to innovate.

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