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Innovating the print industry through new ways of ordering, powered by Salesforce.


Matthew Taylor heads up multiple business inside the print management/agency space.

After 15+ years working for a multi-national corporation he realised that if he applied some of the same things that were working for him in corporate life into his own entity, he could reach the same levels of success.

So – that’s exactly what he did. He left the lofty comfort giving role in his corporate career and went out on his own.

After he made the jump his first hurdle was, ‘right, what do I do now?’ In an attempt to align his personal vision with his execution, he started speaking with previous contacts with whom he’d done business with over the course of his corporate career.

Luckily for Matthew, one of the doors he knocked on was that of The Digital Centre and the owner was in the process of selling.

Fast forward a few years, Matthew has now acquired an additional two businesses that now form part of The Digital Centre umbrella.

Digital Transformation

The Digital Centre is a small business located in Sydney that specialise in high value print projects for clients in a variety of industries that require a consultative approach to printing.

The Digital Centre is looking to automate their entire process, from enquiry to quote and invoice, with the physical printing being outsourced to trusted suppliers.

One of the main priorities for Matthew was to automate as much of the business as possible with the vision of having a fully functioning system that minimises manual tasks and maximises ability to scale.

This was his vision for the digital transformation of the business and needed the best technology to make it happen.


The Challenges

The Digital Centre was faced with the realisation that if they wanted to scale their business, acquire other businesses and grow their team they needed a solution that gave a 360 degree customer view.

Having data and particular business functions in silos to the rest of the business was causing inefficiencies and increasing likelihood of errors.

The Solution

As the certified Salesforce partner, Blirt recommended as part of Phase 1 of the Salesforce Journey was to Automate the lead to deal won phase.

This included the implementation of Pardot for Marketing Automation and Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM as the source of truth for data and the Sales Process.

This solution was to set the correct foundations around clarity in data, data architecture and streamline business processes.

The Result

Today, The Digital Centre have improved their efficiency on tasks that can be automated, injecting a saving back into the business and are now looking at automating their finance processes.

Since the implementation, Matthew has acquired an additional business that compliments his other business units – positioning him to service his market across multiple different segments all on the one piece of technology.

Choosing the right partner

During conversations with Matthew, he stressed the importance of finding the right partner to go on this journey with.He needed a partner that understood his business, understood his vision and had the technical skills to make the implementation happen. Strategic advisory was also a large portion of the consideration for a partnership with The Digital Centre.

Being able to rely on the expertise, guidance and training through the technicalities and best practices was crucial for the technology to be adopted and accepted inside the organisation. Luckily for us, Matthew decided the right partner for the job was Blirt.

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