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Ingenia Communities

Blirt have developed a brand foundation, communication platform and worked with Ingenia Communities across their customer experience strategy.

Who is Ingenia Communities

Ingenia Communities is an S&P/ASX 300 entity with a market capitalisation of over $500 million and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange under the stock market trading code ‘INA’. The Group is supported by over 4,000 investors and has over 500 employees dedicated to creating community for residents and guests.

The Challenge

Ingenia Communities was birthed out of a fund from ING. Ingenia’s target audience is the rapidly growing seniors market. What started as a small portfolio of communities rapidly grew to over 65 within a just a few years. With other portfolios acquired and some exited, Ingenia Communities needed to recalibrate the brand strategy in alignment with purpose, vision and values as an organisation.

The Solution

Blirt reviewed the available researched, conducted a series of strategic workshops with the various teams and developed an integrated  strategy to unify all communities around the common and core values of Ingenia.

Ingenia Communities Brand Launch Video

Blirt created a unifying identity and communication platform to bring the various businesses together under the one banner. 

Brand Creative

The creative platform unified all business units through the emotional promise of “Happy days”.  


“Thank you. We have a unified and aligned set of values and identity we can be proud to belong to.”

The Results

Ingenia were able to align all business units around the redefined identity and pillars.


  • New purpose, vision and values statements
  • New brand message and communication pillars
  • New creative platform – “Happy days”.
  • Integrated CX strategy and sales processes

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Customer Stories

Juice Media

Juice Media

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