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Juice Media

Blirt helped Juice Media gain clarity of brand experience and developed new sales methodologies for the media sales team.

Who is Juice Media?

Juice1073 is the most listened to community radio station on the Gold Coast and is committed to providing good taste radio to Southern Queensland.

The Challenge

Being a Community Radio station Juice is reliant on donations and sponsorship to keep the lights on and the music playing.

With increased competition and targets being harder to reach, the leadership team sought insights on where to act.


The Solution

Having completed Blirt’s Brand Experience Maturity Assessment the Juice Executive Team were able to quickly gain clarity of exactly where the business was across the fundamental functions.

Blirt worked with the Team at Juice to uncover the roadblocks and developed a strategy and sales playbook overcome the challenge.

The Outcomes

Juice now have a cohesive understanding of the business position and how well their brand is performing within the business. 

Blirt have helped Juice 107.3 FM deliver:

  • Refined sales systems and methodology.
  • Clarity sales and marketing goals, requirements and program.
  • A continuous improvement approach across the business.



“The BEMA truly is a deep dive across the fundamental areas of any business and really got us to think about our organisation in ways we hadn’t previously.

We found the results you provided insightful and beneficial to the understanding of exactly where we are as a business. Our attention and focus is now on these critical areas and we are grateful for the tools you have provided to assist Juice Media to successfully navigate through these business road blocks.

Every business should complete the “BEMA” what an incredibly insightful business intelligence tool!“

Alexander Dante
Strategy, Partnerships & Business Development Manager

What We Did



  • BEMA – Brand Experience Maturity Assessment 
  • Ideal Client Profile
  • Buyer Journey Mapping
  • Sales Methodology
  • Sales Playbook


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