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NWQ Capital

Blirt worked with NWQ to implement marketing automation platforms and position the team to continue to deliver wonderful returns.


FNWQ Capital Management is a boutique Perth-based investment services company led by experienced institutional professionals. NWQ is founded on a core philosophy of absolute return investing.


The Challenge

As NWQ Capital Management grows, the need to deliver to its wholesale investors the right message at the right time remains critical.

“Existing marketing campaigns were entirely manual, and as a result the ability to deliver timely and targeted communications were limited”.

With a small but agile team, focus shifted to automating manual sales and marketing processes, freeing up time to focus on the touchpoints that add value to investors and avoiding undifferentiated campaigns.

The Solution

An existing Salesforce Sales Cloud customer, NWQ Capital Management deployed Pardot to allow the business development and marketing teams to align efforts.

The implementation of Pardot ensured that content reached the right prospects and in-depth reporting brought clarity to the marketing decision-making process at a management level.

“Pardot ensured we were able to efficiently manage our own investment in marketing, further enabling us to add value to our investors throughout the on boarding process”.

Leveraging Pardot’s web tracking functionality, NWQ Capital Management was able to highlight areas of the practice’s website that were best serving investor needs.

Where friction points were identified, Pardot landing pages and forms are now able to be easily deployed without the need for IT involvement, enabling the simple gathering of prospects’ details and the delivery of valuable information at a time when it will best benefit the prospect.


Pardot Marketing Automation

Leveraging Pardot’s automated ‘drip nurturing’ functionality, the NWQ team is able to ensure investors are kept informed at each stage of the investment process.

The power of fostering a personal connection was further empowered with Pardot by leveraging the built-in Eventbrite integration.

Pardot enabled NWQ to efficiently plan investor events, including managing invitations, attendee records and post-event follow up.

“Pardot allowed us to ensure that investors were kept at the centre of all marketing decisions, taking away the concern of marketing operations being the bottleneck to delivering campaigns.”

The Results

NWQ Capital Management is able to effectively scale the attention to detail that comes with one-to-one communication without losing the personal touch.

Maintaining a close relationship with wholesale investors has always been at the core of NWQ Capital Management’s mission.


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