Figuring Out the Best Social Platform for Your Business

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… how do you pick the best social platform to focus your efforts? Here’s how to find which will bring in the ROI.

In a recent study, 10% of businesses claim that they dedicate 16 to 20 hours every week on social media marketing.

That’s a huge chunk of your business’s time and resources and you want to make sure it’s being spent in the right place. 

With more businesses using social media than ever beforechoosing the best social platform for your business has never been more important.

Social media plays a crucial role in your brand anatomy and your online presence. But which platform is best?


The big contenders. 

Let’s look at the most popular social platforms and analyze if they are the best fit for your business, based on audience, strengths, and weaknesses.



Hailed as the ‘king of social media’ it also is the most popular for businesses with over 50 million using the platform. 


With almost 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is without a doubt the largest platform to reach potential clients.

Despite Facebook having quite a young audience, research has shown that it is losing traction with younger demographics as older users start to make regular use of the site. 

The top three countries that use Facebook in order of usage are India, United States, and Brazil. This may be important to you based on your intended global reach.  

Biggest strength.

With Facebook’s new advertising tool for businesses, it is possible to run highly focused ad campaigns based on users interests, age, and location. This helps achieve higher conversion rates at a lower cost. 

Biggest weakness. 

The market is extremely flooded due to the large amounts of businesses that use the platform.

Facebook recently admitted that only 16% of followers will see posts from a business page, and due to recent changes, organic post reach for businesses is down. 




The Pew Research Center has shown that Twitter is more popular among the highly educated with 29% of internet users having college degrees.

This may be an important factor depending on your business type. 

Biggest strength.

Twitter is extremely fast-paced allowing your business to interact with current events as they happen. This not only is great for client engagement but also has good potential for a post to go viral and receive organic traffic. 

Biggest weakness. 

Twitter requires consistent and timely interaction to yield good results. This can be quite time-consuming.

Some sources suggest that 50 posts a day can only lead to a positive effect!




Instagram announced that the platform can now boast of having 600 million users. 

It is important to take into consideration that 90% of Instagram users are younger than 35 and 80% of users are outside the US.

Biggest strength.

After Facebook buying over Instagram in 2012, integration between the two platforms is now more seamless than ever.

It is possible to post directly to Facebook from Instagram reducing the time it takes to duplicate content across the different platforms.

Facebooks new ad feature also comes will full Instagram compatibility meaning that you can run your campaign simultaneously on the two platforms. 

Biggest weakness. 

Businesses that are not visual heavy may have a hard time succeeding on the image sharing platform. 

For example, it is easier for fashion brands to flourish on Instagram whereas a law or insurance company may find it more difficult. 




59% of LinkedIn users don’t visit Twitter and 13% don’t use Facebook meaning that you may be missing out on a huge potential client base by not using the popular networking platform. 

Due to the nature of the site, only 21% of users are under the age of 35 which may be more appropriate for your business’s goals. 

Biggest strength.

LinkedIn users make 90% of household decisions meaning that you will be targeting an important demographic for attracting clients. 

Biggest weakness.

Like every social platform, LinkedIn is without its drawbacks. The professional clientele of the site will result in your business coming under a lot more scrutiny. 

So make sure things are watertight with your company before launching your LinkedIn campaign.


How to choose which social platform is best for your business. 

Here are some Blirt insider tips to help make your decision.


Find out what is currently working. 

Sit down and look at your current marketing strategy and results.

Google analytics can be a great way to see which social platforms are bringing in the highest return on investment. 

Remember to focus not on traffic, but what is bringing in profit. An audience is not the ultimate measure of success here. Conversion rates are. 


Research what social platforms work best for your industry/niche. 

Using a tool like Buzzsumo allows you to search for related data in your industry/niche and even see competitors stats!

This is a great way to see overall what the best platform is for your business in regards to what is working for others and may give you the insight you need to kickstart your social media success. 


Experiment with smaller social platforms to build a tribe around your niche. 

Don’t be afraid to be a trailblazer and take the path less traveled.

Companies are already beginning to benefit from using less-known sites like Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, Tumblr and Medium to drive traffic and sales!

Competition is less fierce on these platforms and as they steadily grow you have the opportunity to establish yourself as a key player and use this to your business’s advantage. 

The good news about using these platforms is that you can repurpose content you are already producing for other sites such as photos, blogs, and videos. 


Get help with your social platforms. 

Most small-medium businesses don’t have the resources to run a high-level social media strategy due to lack of staff, skills or funding. 

Our goal at Blirt is to champion small to medium sized local businesses with huge global goals. 

That’s why we are currently offering a free site audit to reveal the impact social media has on your business so you can take steps to leverage these platforms to help your brand flourish. 

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