Looking for advice on how to increase blog traffic? Look to the almighty video. Here’s why you should add them – and how to do it.

When was the last time you read a text-heavy website?

You may love to read books and articles of interest and may see yourself as a voracious reader.  But when you take the time to think about it, when was the last time you gave a website the same attention you’d give a good book?

Website content shouldn’t be written like a book.  

People want scannable content they can glean information from in a few seconds.  In fact, people want to read as little as possible. 

That’s why when people ask how to increase blog traffic, most marketers would advise them to start making their own video content.


The benefits of visual content 

If you want a solid content strategy, videos need to be a part of it.

There’s no doubt that video is quickly becoming the preferred form of content online. It’s estimated that 79% of all online content will be video based by 2018.

There are a variety of reasons why video is king.  Advances in mobile and internet tech had made it much easier for people to create and upload videos.  

There’s also no denying that people are naturally drawn to the medium.

People don’t have long attention spans and they only seem to be getting shorter. Video is the perfect form of content to grab people’s attention.  

They don’t have to read or put much effort into being engaged, it just happens as they listen and watch.  

59.1% of marketers believe that video content has the best amount of ROI. Sometimes even having the word “video” in a subject line can make readers more likely to open an email.


How to increase blog traffic

If you want to figure out how to increase blog traffic the answer is simple: You produce and post more video content.

You don’t need to be a professional videographer to produce videos people will want to watch.  Your smartphone or laptop camera can easily make something that looks nice and people will want to see.

Since you already have the equipment, we should mention some tips that can help you on your video editing journey.   


Start small

Still feeling a bit worried about producing your own content?

While you get into the swing of things, there’s no rule that says you can’t post relevant existing content on your blog.

Do you have a favorite YouTuber that seems to know everything about your industry?  Did you find a video that made you laugh and you couldn’t help sharing on your Facebook?

Embed them in a blog post!

Before you figure out how to increase blog traffic with your own content, share other videos.  Because of the added video content, and you’ll be a bit more comfortable working in the medium.


Don’t neglect audio

If you’re making a video you’re focused on visuals, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about audio.

Have you ever seen a great looking video with difficult to hear audio?  There’s nothing less appealing than having to turn up your volume to only sort of hear a video.

Your phone or laptop should have a microphone, but it may not the best for filming. Buy an external microphone you can simply plug into your recording device. Your audio will be crisp, clear, and easy to listen to.

You also should make sure that you aren’t recording in a noisy environment.  A barking dog or noisy fan may not bother you much, but they can easily show up on an audio track.


Consider screen capture

Do you feel like you lack a powerful presence when you’re being filmed?  Do you just not feel comfortable being the sole focus of the video?

Do you just not feel comfortable being the sole focus of the video?

If you’re feeling a bit camera shy, why not do a screen capture video? Screen capture could be the answer to your question about how to increase blog traffic with videos. 

Recording your screen can give your readers (or watchers in this case) a new kind of how-to post to enjoy.  You can still incorporate step by step instructions, but now they’ll have visuals to help them along the way.


Go beyond your blog

We know that the topic of this post is how to increase blog traffic with videos, but they can do much more than help increase your page visits on your blog.

If you produce good video content, you shouldn’t keep it on your blog.  That great content deserves to be seen as much as possible.

If you have a video you’re really proud of consider posting it on your home page.  It can give new visitors a look into your business and gives them something different from the traditional text-heavy home pages.

You should also post your videos on your social media accounts.  Video content is very popular on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  You could increase your followers and find a new way to engage them.

You should also create a YouTube page for your company.  It helps with exposure and gives people one place to find all of your video content.  


Don’t forget your description…

Video content can engage your audience, but they’re still going to have to learn a little about what they’re going to watch.

Write a nice lead-in to your video whenever you post.  Give the viewer just enough information about your video without giving away all of your content.

When you’re writing your description you should think about SEO and use relevant keywords.  A few strategically placed keywords can help new people find your content.  


…Or your tags

There are millions of videos on YouTube.  How do you think people find relevant content when there’s so much to sort through?

Tagging videos with the right keywords can help ensure that the right people see your videos.  Do a little research to see what your target audience is searching for, and make sure you use those tags when you upload.

It’s also important to realize that tags work best when they’re specific, not numerous.  Don’t bog down your video with any tag you can think of.  Only choose the most relevant tags for your video.


Lights, camera, action!

Now that you have all of the info you need, you’re ready to start using video in your blogs.  We want to see what you’ve come up with!  Post your results in our comments section.  

We want to see what you’ve come up with!  Post your results in our comments section.  

If you want to maximise your content marketing and see results for least effort, just book a consult.