Changing consumer’s preferences and behaviors can make effective content marketing hard. Discover this year’s content marketing trends here!

You don’t like to brag, but you think that you’re the last person that needs to be told that content is king.

You know that content is important, that’s why it’s been a part of your marketing plan since day one.  You have a very rigid blog publishing schedule, and your social media schedule is even more impressive.

You know how to content market, but do you know the content marketing trends in 2017?


Current content marketing trends

Content marketing trends are in a constate state of flux.  One minute everybody wants to be in Snapchat making stories, the next they’re on small forums hoping to make posts go viral.

There isn’t a science to perfect content marketing, but there are certain things that are hot right now.  If you want to market your content the right way, consider using some of these trends in your newest content marketing plan.


Go native

Native advertising is a term that’s in the mouths of nearly every marketer, but few know what it truly means.

Native advertising is a simple term for a big concept: advertising material (whether it’s written, audio, or video) that looks like it belongs on the platform it’s being promoted on.

The sponsored content you see included along with a site’s regular content is an example of native advertising.  It’s one of today’s biggest content marketing trends, and when you’re thinking about revamping your content strategy paid content is a must.

Native advertising doesn’t just blend in with the usual site content, it’s also informative and useful to the user.  

Whether it explains an important concept or is related to the main content displayed on the page, any kind of content used for native advertising has to add value for the user.


Get great friends

If you want to make sure that you get the best customers, you need to have a messenger that knows what they’re looking for and what they need.

Sometimes the messenger needs to be you, but other times it can be someone else.

Influencer marketing involves getting an established brand ambassador to promote your product, and it’s one of the latest content marketing trends.  

This brand ambassador can be a popular YouTube user or a blogger with higher views.  The only stipulation is that they should be an expert in what you’re selling.

If you sell clothes or make-up, your brand ambassador should be someone that does popular make-up tutorials or is always Snapchatting their outfits.  If you sell unique customized gaming equipment, your brand ambassador should have a YouTube page full of Let’s Plays and ample amounts of game reviews.


Make content that stands out

Want to know a good rule of thumb before you write any blog post or create any video?

Do a quick Google search of the title you’re trying to use.  If you can find exact match results, or results that are very similar to what you were planning on doing, you need to find a new topic to write about.

Nobody wants to read or see the same thing repeatedly.  That’s why whatever kind of content you publish needs to be original.

In the past, people would nearly duplicate content they thought was useful or popular.  It’s okay to get inspiration from things you like, but they shouldn’t be carbon copies.

Originality is important when it comes to content.  There are no content marketing trends that can trump having something that’s unique. 


Ditch old SEO trends

Remember back in the day where you had to bold, italicize, and underline nearly every keyword if you wanted to improve your rankings?  Did you ever have as many links to other internal pages on your website to help with interlinking?

Those practices should be in the past, and if your website has any traces of old SEO practices they need to be scrubbed away.

Old SEO practices don’t just make content look bad, they can also be negatively affecting your rankings.  

Google updates can penalize old SEO tactics that could be interpreted a spammy or outdated.  Your site content needs an SEO update if you want to stay up to date on current content marketing trends.


Have a stellar e-mail marketing campaign

E-mail marketing is still a big part of any effective content marketing strategy.

In the past, some marketers would try to send out as many e-mails as possible and would only look at the open rate of send mail to determine success.  Today’s e-mail marking is a bit more nuanced.

Good marketers look at click-through-rates, link clicks, and other important metrics to determine success.  

Just make sure that you’re sending out good content every time you send out an e-mail.  If you pair that with the right success metrics, and you’ll make a content marketing plan you’re happy with.


Get into video

Think about the last time you saw video content online.  For some of you, it was minutes ago when you were on social media, or it could have been when you opened a website.

The bottom line is that video content is popular, and if you want to use the latest content marketing trends you need to have good video content.

Thanks to the popularity of camera phones, it’s easier than ever to produce good video content.

Consider doing a tutorial on something simple to grasp, or just a day in the life post.  As long you produce something that’s valuable to the viewer, video is the right way to go.


Go live

Do you feel like you’ve taken video as far as it can go in your content marketing plan?

Instead of recording something and saving it for later, why don’t you do something that’s a bit more in the moment?

Live streaming is one of the top content marketing trends.  Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have made it easy to live stream content.

Live streaming is perfect for events or time-sensitive content.  But always remember, there’s nothing wrong with doing it on the fly!


Think about new ways to present content

You’ve written blog posts, planned infographics, and made plenty of videos.  What’s next in terms of content marketing trends?

The easiest way to stay up to date on the latest marketing trends is to think about new ways to present what you want to say.

Google cardboard has made it easy for people to make immersive VR experiences.  Other companies have found ways to integrate VR and AR into their marketing.

The important thing is to always stay on top of the latest trends.  Don’t be afraid to try something new, or market in a different way.


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