At Blirt, we strive to be on the forefront of release updates for the Salesforce platform to ensure both our team and our clients are utilising the latest and greatest features to date.

We are excited to see some new integrations and productivity enhancements in latest Salesforce Marketing Cloud release that went live on April 21, 2018, especially the added ability to publish directly to Instagram from Social Studio! 


We have some key highlights below.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR is a challenge for all marketers but can also be an opportunity for marketers to deliver greater value, and a deeper, more trusted relationship with customers and consumers.

To navigate the GDPR, you need to balance customer-centricity, governance and compliance, you can learn more here.


Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360 has integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to give your business the ability to access the analytics dashboard within Journey Builder to visualise and analyse engagement on the web and in emails coming from both Google and Salesforce, without having to leave the Marketing Cloud.

With an intuitive tag configuration tool, you can quickly and accurately align your emails with Google tags to pass more engagement data back to Google Analytics 360 to be used within the Google platform for things like website personalisation, ad optimisation, and attribution measurement.

You can learn more about this integration here.

Social Studio: Instagram Publishing

Businesses using the Salesforce Social Studio platform can now manage their Instagram account directly from Social Studio.

Now there’s no need for additional steps through mobile.

You can now target multiple accounts and publish content at scale to key Instagram accounts.

Publish images, captions, and hashtags to the feed for your Instagram followers from Social Studio desktop or mobile. You can learn more about this new feature here.

Journey Builder: Einstein Splits

Marketing Cloud has now enabled Einstein Engagement scoring behaviour predictions seamlessly within Journey Builder with the new Einstein Split flow control.

Test subject lines, content, offers, and different channels to personalise the journey for each individual.

Simply drag-and-drop onto the journey canvas and choose from pre-configured splits based on consumer likelihood to engage and guide customers down the best path. You can learn more about Einstein splits here.

Distributed Marketing: Quick Send

Salesforce Marketing Cloud can now give advisors, owners, and partners the ability to quickly personalise the send a single, on-brand email to their customers and prospects directly from the individual’s record.

You can learn more here.


Content Builder: Enhanced Dynamic Content

Content Builder is now a new type of dynamic content that allows a user to import a delimited file containing multiple variations of content. Marketers can use this for an email that contains multiple content blocks with numerous dynamic variations.

You can learn more about the dynamic content here.

Salesforce has also released a webinar that expands on the above key highlights and includes a insight from Salesforce experts. You can watch the new feature overview here.

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