Did you know that over half of all consumers will immediately walk away from a brand if the customer experience isn’t “personalised” to fit their needs? That the number of lost opportunities ramps up to more than two-thirds of potential customers in B2B markets?

To succeed and serve your customers, you’ll need to become highly skilled at delivering a truly “personalised digital” service. That means learning about your customer and making suggestions specific to their desires.

New research indicates that consumers are demanding personalised experiences, and that same research indicates that they don’t mind spending more to get that experience. They want recommendations. They want product reviews. According to Segment, a company that helps other companies understand and leverage data about their customers, shoppers expect brands to recall who they are as part of a “tailored experience.”

According to Segment, personalisation not only drives impulse (they say forty-nine percent of customers bought items they did not intend to buy due to a personalised recommendation), it also leads to additional revenue and fewer returns. The data shows that just 5% of impulse purchases were returned and the vast majority of impulse buyers end up happy with what they selected.

Segment’s survey of more than 1,000 consumers discovered that 7% of them expressed a level of frustration when their experience lacked personalisation. If customers are willing to spend more, making the effort to deliver a personal experience is an obvious opportunity.

Those are some sobering numbers, and they represent a substantial opening for your business. That’s why we’re focused on delivering digital business transformation which joins your sales, marketing, service, and finance teams together to deliver amazing customer experiences at every touchpoint along the customer’s journey with you. 

When you’re faced with building your organisation’s digital marketing technology stack and artfully integrating a CRM automation infrastructure and email marketing campaigns, you begin by building out your website.

Next up is planning how you’ll extend that website’s utility by integrating forms to capture data, selecting the tools you’ll use to sharpen search engine optimisation, creating Calls-to-Action (CTAs). As part of the build out, you’ll want to know which blogging platform to use deliver content and landing pages.

As part of the roll-out, you’ll continue to integrate marketing and sales tools in progressive stages. These elements will include email, a CRM solution like Salesforce, a tightly focused and up-to-date database of contacts and additionally, tools to manage your social media efforts, and PPC advertising elements. Once you join all those elements together, you’ll have in place an end-to-end systematic method to join your marketing automation with lead scoring, personalization, and analytics.

While the project will require Tcomplex array of technologies, our deep experience with Salesforce consulting in consulting in CX Strategy, Sales Strategy, Brand Strategy, Content Marketing, Customer Research, and Web Development means we can help you seamlessly integrate, manage and understand the tools and interfaces involved in building and maintaining a successful marketing technology stack.

One thing to keep in mind is that using multiple tools loosely joined together will makes it difficult to complete the many steps along the journey. As you collect, process and manage your organisation’s data, you’ll require a fully-unified strategy for your marketing and sales.

At the core of the effort is how you choose to personalise the experience for your customer and relying on a series of disconnected and untested methods and tools can seriously affect your efforts to market and sell.

It’s a “digital-first” era, and to kick-start your search engine optimisation, we offer our Omnibound CM to connect your content marketing, a proven customer experience strategy. Omnibound CX provides a sure and clear path along the purchase process and it helps lock in customer retention.

We’ve chosen to specialise in the Salesforce ecosystem. Why because it represents the largest CRM tech stack solutions across your potential service, marketing, and sales teams. We provide consulting services to clients across Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Pardot to help business owners empower their sales and marketing teams to deliver smarter, more personalised customer experiences to shift the needle in your favour.

We know that harnessing the power of data to drive the personalised customer experience with tools like Salesforce DMP and marketing automation platforms such as Pardot can help you optimise performance, measurement and attribution, and you can find out more about Salesforce here.

The team here at Blirt has constructed a roadmap to help you refine your customer experience strategy.  This roadmap is a framework based on our deep experience and a diagnostic survey we call, “The Experience Curve”.

Book a discovery call with us and we’ll put you on the road to understand how we can serve your needs. We’ll take you on a journey to which ends with your company’s growth and digital business success.


How To Win In The Experience Economy

How To Win In The Experience Economy

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