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Sales Transformation


We help Sales Leaders win.

Our work helps you know what a win looks like, identifies the gaps to winning, builds the skills to win and deploys the technology to win.

We call that an X Sales Practice – a team committed to building their skills to win.

How?  Journey with Blirt through our Sales Experience Curve.


Where are you on the experience curve?


The Way We Sell Is Changing?

“Success is never final.

Failure is never fatal.

It is courage that counts.” 

Winston Churchill

Prime Minister, England, The Leader of the Allied Forces to Win World War 2

Win in the Experience Economy

We live in the experience economy – an economy driven by experiences and sustained through digital integration and innovation in a world more connected than ever before.

In fact, we live in the early years of the greatest customer revolution in history.

Far bigger than the industrial revolution, the information revolution has birthed the experience economy.

Sales teams need to respond to the changing market conditions and invest in skills, systems and data intelligence.

As much as 70% of the buying journey can be complete before a prospect reaches out to engage with a Sales Representative.

Are you ready to win in the Experience Economy or do you need to lift your people and systems to win?


Sadly, Normal Is Average

The problem with being normal is that your average.  And, the problem with being average is you don’t have the skills, visibility or technology to win.

Research tells us the average sales teams look like this:


Reps Miss Target


Have No Intelligent Forecasting


Have No Data on Propensity to Buy

we can help you

Build The Path To Exceptional

We help our clients build an exceptional sales strategy using our proven Sales Playbooks .  

Planned, implemented and trained well, research tells us the average sales teams can achieve:

  • Win Rate +26% +26%
  • Lead Conversion +31% +31%
  • Sales Productivity +38% +38%

Sales X-Curve Program

Take the journey of continuous improvement.
We work with Sales Leaders to plan, optimise and deliver sales improvement quarter by quarter.

What do we cover?

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  • Workshop facilitation.
  • A custom arrangement of consulting to improve people, process and technology to move up the Sales Experience Curve.
  • Quarterly Performance Program – which outlines coaching, consulting, training, technology implementations.

Sales Strategy

We help Sales Leaders create a sales strategy they can execute to align, equip and empower sales teams.

What do we cover?

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  • Workshop facilitation.
  • Our proprietary framework, Leaderboard.
  • A documented strategy which outlines how to equip the team with leadership, knowledge and tools throughout the customer journey and empower individuals to be coached by their managers to succeed on the leaderboard.

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