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Service Transformation

Keep More Customers

We help service leaders keep more customers.

Our work helps leaders identify how to respond easier, faster and better to reduce service questions and then increase first call resolution when service is needed.

Our roadmap is Blirt’s Service Experience Curve.

Where are you on the experience curve?


Service Is Brand Truth

A man without a smiling face must not open a shop.
Chinese Proverb

How Service Teams Get The X Factor

Customer service is the engine for moments of truth.

How we are a treated once we’ve bought something from an organisation is transparent truth of the brand experience.

85% of leaders believe customer experience is a key differentiator and the service team are the primary influencers of the customer experience.



Great customer service in the Experience Economy is:

  • Knowledgeable
  • Personal
  • Realtime
  • Omnichannel

Constant connectivity in the Experience Economy means it’s easier than ever before to connect with customers but it’s also easier than ever before for customers to take their business elsewhere.


85% of leaders say customer experience is a key differentiator.


69% of consumers say personalised care influences their loyalty.


Only 37% of leaders say they're above average at gathering insights across the customer journey.


Be The Difference

Service X-Curve Program

Take the journey of continuous improvement.
We work with Service Leaders to plan, optimise and deliver improvement quarter by quarter.
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  • Retained coaching, consulting and advisory services to uplift the service team into high performance through a custom arrangement of consulting to improve people, strategy and technology to move up the Service Experience Curve.
  • Quarterly Performance Program – which outlines coaching, consulting, training, technology implementations

CX Strategy

We deliver a comprehensive sales strategy that provides clarity on how to build your sales team to high performance.
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  • Customer research and deep data insights using geo-digital-demographic-psychographic persona data.
  • Our proprietary framework and approach to building a Customer Experience Strategy and program
  • A documented strategy which outlines how to equip the team with a detailed customer journey mapped, deep persona insights and brand tracking insights, funnel mapping, automation journey mapping and metrics required to track progress.

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