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Marketing Automation

What Is Marketing Automation?

For us, Marketing Automation is like cooking… Properly mixed and seasoned, your individual ingredients will come together for a much more pleasing result.

Marketing Automation is the unification, simplification and systemization of attracting and nurturing new leads.

Marketing Automation supports Inbound activities (blogs, PR, organic search, social, partnered content) and Outbound activities (advertising, direct mail / email, paid search, paid content).

Marketing Automation, often aligned with Content Marketing, is the fastest growing marketing technology.

Research tells us 75% of companies using marketing automation see a ROI within 12 months, 44% within 6 months.

We develop & deploy lead intelligence, persona tracking and really simple marketing automation specific to your business’ needs, to make sure your customers enjoy the best taste of your business.


Volume, Velocity and Conversion

The simple truth is this;

Volume in your marketing drives your balance sheet, Velocity drives your cash flow and Conversion builds efficiency. 

We help you find more prospects by knowing where to buy the right media.  Then, through good communication and content delivered at the right time we help move people through a customer journey to the point of sale and beyond. 


Why Deploy Marketing Automation Services?

It’s crazy to think you can automate a relationship.  However, what you can do is support the emergence of a great relationship with good communication methods which often do the ‘heavy lifting’ of getting information out to customers in relevant and timely manner. 

That’s why we deploy marketing automation.  


Pardot Preferred Partner

Blirt is a preferred partner to’s Pardot marketing automation services.  You can read more here. provide a number outstanding marketing solutions within the Marketing Cloud.  Pardot is best suited to high engagement sales – where a sales person is required.  Whilst Exact Target is best suited to customer driven sales; such as a consumer products such as retail, travel or consumables.

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