Maybe your 2017 got off to a shaky start. You might be worried that it’s too late to set goals for sales success.

Absolutely not! You can still hit (or exceed) your targets and crush your sales records.

Read on to discover how.


Realize why you need goals at all

Are you the kind of entrepreneur who sets goals because you want to? Or because you feel you have to?

Goal setting is absolutely crucial to your sales success. It can even increase your motivation and boost your achievement levels by around 30%.

But goals are also the key to measuring that success. If you don’t set a goal, you don’t know how well you’re doing.

So make sure your goals are completely specific and measurable.

And don’t get bogged down by things outside of your control. You can’t control how much people buy, or how often they buy it.

So focus your goals on the things you can do yourself to encourage the behaviour you want your customers to follow.


Don’t be afraid to change your goals

Goals will evolve as time goes by. That’s unavoidable.

But you also need to honour and recognise the goals. So have regular feedback sessions with your team.

Celebrate your achievements and identify which strategies worked. And plan to overcome any setbacks.

You can also set new goals if you’re getting close to hitting one.

So you’ve set a goal to double your monthly income by the middle of the year. But you’re almost at that point and you’ve already done that.

Don’t kick things into a lower gear to cruise for a while. Set a brand new goal to give you a new challenge. 


Give your team responsibility for your sales success

You can also delegate progress-tracking to members of your team who are responsible for those goals.

If they feel more invested in the process, they’re more likely to want to achieve them.

One of the reasons we love Salesforce as a platform is it empowers every individual to know how to sell, their current progress and to collaborate easily across the organisation.

Because the goals stop being goals for ‘the company’. They become personal goals. And that’s much less abstract for them to get on board with.


Set aspirational goals, not actionable ones

You’ll read a lot about SMART goals. They need to be Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time-based.

Or do they?

Try swapping out actionable goals for aspirational ones. In other words, the goal should be something you can actually do.

But it’s got an element of stretch built into it. 

To set one, try adding 25% onto what you think you can achieve. It’s certainly a fast track to sales success.

Or do as Google does. Stop focusing on making something 10% better. Aim to make it 10x better.

Don’t set the goals so high you can’t meet them at all. But if you build a challenge into it, you’ll smash your sales records in no time.


Conduct an audit of your current offering

There’s no point having all of these goals if the work you’re doing isn’t reaching the right people. And if you want to make money offering one service, but another is making you far more money?

You need to think about where your priorities should lie.

So conduct an audit on the content you’re creating to attract clients. Does it match your buyer persona?

It’ll help you to find the right social platforms for your marketing efforts.

Simply re-aligning your brand and content with the clients you want to work with can bring fast sales success.

Bring in outside help to develop a digital marketing program that suits your business. You may need any – or all – of these digital marketing services


Talk to your customers

History is full of inventions that no one remembers. Why?

Because the inventor thought they were a good idea. But they didn’t check if anyone even needed them.

So talk to your customers. Use what they say to set yourself new goals. Find out;

  • What are you doing that they love?
  • What could you be doing more of?
  • What is it that they really need in their life right now that you can provide?

You can find these things out on social media. Use social listening to see what your target audience wants.

Providing it is a quick route to sales success because you know there’s a waiting customer base.

Just make sure you turn the feedback into a goal. You’ll need to be able to measure your progress.


Invest in training for your team

If you hire us to work on your digital marketing, you’ll see a boost in customer orders and enquiries.

But do you have the team available to manage all of that?

First, invest in training the team you do have. Make sure your sales reps have all the information they need to close a sale.

Really nail down what the benefits are of your product or service. Remember that people buy emotions, not things.

They will make an emotional purchase decision based on the benefits. They use the features to justify it with logic.

So get the benefits in place first. Make sure your team know how to communicate them.

Second, start scouting for outside help that you can bring in if it gets too overwhelming. Being prepared will be the quickest way to achieve your sales success.


And keep the customer at the heart of your goals

Spend time courting your existing customers. Using the Pareto principle, 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers.

You’ll find you’ll hit your goals much quicker if you focus on retaining them. You’ve already overcome their resistance to buy. 

Meaning any resistance from those customers is automatically lower. They’re more likely to buy again in future.

Set a goal around rewarding loyalty and promoting retention. You can even set goals for how much of your profits you want to generate through your existing customer base.

Whatever you do, there’s no reason why you can’t set goals at this point in the year. You can still shoot for sales success – and achieve it.

But you’ll need a partner in your corner to help you along the way. Book a consultation with us to see what your current strategy is missing.