Marketing is no longer a static playing field. About two decades ago, mass market internet was relatively new and there was only one screen to access it, the desktop computer. It was easy to track a single user with a cookie.

Now there are multiple screens for a single user and therefore, multiple touch points. A consumer watching an Ad on their laptop may make their purchase on their iPad. Marketers need to evolve to keep up with the multi-screen consumer.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud team recognizes this and has beefed up their offerings.

Here Is All The Latest On Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s New Services:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Adds Krux To Their Repertoire

Krux is a data management platform (DMP), Salesforce bought them for $700 million dollars back in October of 2016 and integrated them into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The industry leading DMP will strengthen Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s capability to segment audiences based on behavior. Currently, Krux’s clients include Conagra and Peugot. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud will be able to combine their services with Krux’s technology and data.

How Does This Benefit You As A Marketer?

It improves Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s cross-platform capabilities by streaming lining its ad management across multiple touchpoints.

Krux uses consumer behavior as their tracking method as opposed to using cookies. Retargeting ads through cookies can only tell you that you’re targeting the same user but does it tell you they’re ready to buy or what part of the consumer journey they’re in?

Let’s say, for instance, you’re selling sneakers and you launch a campaign with the following strategy—

You hit the user with:


Then you test with Strategy B:


You find out people were 3 times more likely to buy after being exposed to your Email>Video>Video strategy. That’s a data point Krux will be able to segment out because it’s based on behavior.

You can target your audience with strategy B and yield 3 times the sales.

The Industry Is Already Leaning Towards Using Database Management Platforms

DMPs will help companies make smarter decisions. It also happens to be the top 10 marketing trends in 2017. If Salesforce fully integrates with Krux, that’s one less product off your marketing tech stack.

You will have a Marketing Platform and an industry leading DMP in one integration. Consolidation equals less time spent on combining datasets together and fewer resources spent on integrating two platforms together.

Leading to quicker and smarter decisions

You’ll Be Working With Einstein

There are two things if we’re talking about Einstein on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Einstein itself is an AI that is used across all Salesforce products. The AI leverages data from Salesforce to help automate repetitive decisions and prioritize higher ROI tasks.

It learns what’s most efficient for you at a specific part of the business process and helps you prioritize tasks.

Then there’s also Einstein Journey Insights, which is the dashboard on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The dashboard maps out the consumer journey and helps you segment more efficiently.

Also, Einstein only works when it has large datasets to draw from, it is a learning AI. Salesforce’s acquisition of Krux gives it billions of data points to work with.

So… What Does Einstein Journey Insights Do For You?

It will consolidate billions of the aforementioned data points Salesforces and Krux have into the dashboard. Einstein will then display the consumer journey on the dashboard, which will help you optimize your marketing decisions.

Besides the big Krux Acquisition and the Einstein integration, here are some more features in the latest Salesforce update.

Love For Android Users

Android users rejoice! Salesforce released an app on Android, so you can check up on your customers from your Android device. The new app will also feature the Lightning experience which includes highly used functions from the iOS App.

If you’re a small business and an Android user, you don’t have to worry about getting new devices to run your business.

New Dashboard For iOS

There’s a new home dashboard for businesses using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud on iOS. The dashboard will feature daily and weekly updates, plus a new alert system.

The dashboard also conveniently tracks all the things marketers most frequently use like emails, automation, and consumer journeys.

Theme Templates For Email Marketers

Crafting emails can be a time sink. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud team really did think of everything when they built out the latest update.

This will help you craft sales emails more quickly without the need for expensive professional coders and graphics designers.

Emails Get More Personal

This has Einstein’s and Krux’s fingerprints all over it. You can now build your email campaigns based on events and data points from Krux’s granular targeting system.

A complete look at behavior patterns segments as opposed to singular data points retrieved from the last email event.

Lightning Strikes Many Places In Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Lightning is Salesforce’s new user interface. It will be integrated with all their products. The Lightning leverages Einstein and an intuitive user experience to help you prioritize tasks.

It also features a more efficient system working on the back-end to reduce lag time and glitches.

Lastly, But Certainly Not Least Cross Device Marketing

Leveraging data from their Krux purchase. Salesforce Marketing Cloud will take a giant leap forward in cross-device marketing. They will combine their cross-device capabilities with a company that already has 2.3 billion unique views and 600 million mobile devices in their database, boasting 700 million users globally.

One of the biggest challenges you face today is cross-device attribution. As mentioned earlier, your marketing strategy will span multiple devices from tablet to desktop to phone.

Consumer journeys don’t consist of one screen anymore, they’re dynamic…. Exposure on their phone, engagement on their tablet, and purchase on their laptop.

Are You Ready For The Next Step In Cloud Marketing?

It is a daunting task to navigate this well-connected world as a marketer. Technology is just beginning to figure it out. You will do well to implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud into your toolkit.

Let us know how you are planning to use Salesforce’s new update.

Do any of the new features stick out to you?

Any strategies you plan to or have implemented in the new update?

Sound off below, we would love to hear from you!