Have you ever asked yourself how Instagram influencers made it big?

In this article, we will explore the stories of 9 Instagram influencers. Those on this list not only have a huge following, but also brought something different to the table.

This list is more than just another list of fashion icons on Instagram. Rather, it’s a series of stories from people who made it from scratch and shared their experiences on social media.

Stay with us and find out the stories behind the brands of 9 Instagram influencers.

1. Manny Khoshbin

Manny is Iranian real estate mogul who lives in California. But he didn’t always live a worry-free life.

His parents left Iran when he was only 14 years old in the search for a better life. At first, he was forced to live in a station wagon. His parents could barely speak English and they had few skills that could ensure them a decent living.

Manny took an oath to himself to do everything in his power to save his family from poverty.

Even though he failed a few times, his perseverance made him the real estate success he is today.

Now he shares his life story, motivation tips, and quotes with his audience on Instagram.

2. David SK Lee  

This Instagram influencer is an avid automobile collector. If you want to see a large collection of Ferraris and other fancy cars, just take a look at his profile.

David’s love for cars is not the only thing that makes him stand out. He also talks about his road to success.

He also shares his thoughts on values like honesty and perseverance. He praises the institution of marriage as well as his faith as his key elements to the accomplished life he lives now.

3. Jason Stone  

Jason Stone is a well-versed marketer that shares inspiration and digital marketing tips with his followers.

Like many entrepreneurs, Jason struggled in his youth with financial issues. He started his business on eBay, where he sold car parts.

Little did he know that years later his small Ebay business would be the foundation of a multimillionaire company.

4. Diego Luca  

Diego is the typical loving father who became an Instagram influencer by accident.

In his early days, he just shared photos with yachts. Now, he actually has a company that sells them.

5. Daniele Zaccone  

Daniele is a fashion lover who specializes in the elegant classical look with a focus on Italian fashion trends.

What makes him different?

He is really keen on teaching people how to dress better and make a better impression. 
Also, he leaves out his face from the photos most of the time. The focus is on clothing only.

6. Alexander Mijares

Alexander is one of the most modest Instagram influencers. He uses his resources to give back to his community.

 He started using Instagram about five years ago when a friend advised him to share his art on social media.

The painter currently lives in Miami and is now of the most recognized contemporary artists in his field. However, he doesn’t seem to ignore his humble roots in Cuba.

You will often find travel photos with him in poor countries in Latin America, where he tries to help poor communities grow by selling his art and donating to schools and hospitals.

7. Alex Jimenez

Alex turned his passion for yachts into a business.

When he first started using Instagram, he just distributed beautiful photos of yachts. He always wanted one, but he couldn’t afford it.

Now, Alex is one of the many Instagram influencers who transformed his hobby into a business. He collaborates with digital marketing companies and yachts owners.

9. Gil Antolin

Gil Antolin always wanted to travel, but his job as a mortgage broker kept him from following his dreams.

He slowly started building a following. After 2 years, Gil was able to quit his job and do what he loved the most: travel.

Gil collaborated with various brands, he advertised hotels, restaurants and travel destinations.

Now, traveling is his job. He analyses each destination and moves to another place every week.

To capture each destination’s beauty, Gil uses professional cameras and shares high-resolution photos, along with commentaries, with his followers.

He also makes sure to highlight the unique features of each travel destination too.

10. Andreea Cristina

Andreea Cristina, like many Instagram influencers, is an immigrant who came to U.S to make it big.

She came to the U.S right after the fall of the communist regime in Romania when her parents won the VISA lottery.She worked for a while as a VIP hostess in Las Vegas. Then she moved into banking to increase her income.

Unfortunately, banking made her quite unhappy. But at the same time, she discovered that her real passion is fashion.

Cristina started to build a following on Instagram. Over the last 2 years, her follower numbers have skyrocketed.

She claims that what helped her grow is her interactions with her fans and the fact that she was always active on social media.

Now she is collaborating with many fashion brands and does what she loves.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Care about Instagram Influencers

Social media specialists always advise companies and individuals to try to create a bridge between their product/ service and their audience.

One of the easiest ways to do so without building an audience yourself, which takes time and skill, is to connect with Instagram influencers.

You can think of influencers as the people who set the trends. They are the cool kids in high school who are now adults and use their charisma on social media.

Connecting with them or investing time into becoming a well-known figure on social media will help you sell more and touch more people.

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