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Is your business booming? Are you having trouble keeping up with all the demands?

If you’re expanding your business rapidly, chances are you’re in need of tools to support your growing business. 

There are a great deal of services to choose from, whether you’re looking for email marketing services or accounting software. 

Whether you’re balling on a budget or just need some additional tools to help you expand your business, we can show you the top 10 best cloud services to help you out. 


10 of the Best Cloud Services

The top 10 best cloud services will give you the assistance you need while also being kind to your budget. 

Not tech-friendly?

Most of these services are perfect for those who aren’t as tech-savvy as others. 

Regardless of your business type, tech knowledge, or budget, there’s a little something for everyone here.


1. Salesforce

Most growing businesses think their website is their most important cloud property.  It’s not.  The most important cloud asset you can invest in is your CRM. 

Why?  The most important asset you have in your business is your customer base.  Build your customer intelligence on the most robust, trusted and expandable platform in the world – Salesforce. 

Salesforce is, at it’s core a CRM, but it is so much more than that.  It is a true customer platform.  

I often describe Salesforce like the smart phone you’re holding your hand. It is is a platform that holds all your data – some of those apps come standard, some are built by other people (or yourself) which you can download.  Additionally, everybody’s smartphone is different, yet the same.  It’s completely customised to how you like to use. 

Well, that’s kind of like Salesforce.  It’s a platform on which to build your business.  

  • Customise lead management
  • Scale deal management and understand pipeline
  • Collaborate through chatter with colleagues, customers or partners
  • Build insightful dashboards from smart reports
  • Take anywhere via your tablet or smartphone
  • Connect sales, marketing, HR, social, finance… any one of thousands of apps
  • Create your own apps so you can run your business or collaborate with your customers how you want to.
  • Add on marketing automation tools like Pardot, or build one to one personalised customer journeys through Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

That’s why Salesforce get’s our number one spot. There is nothing like it in the world.  


2. Xero

If you’re a growing business, it’s imperative that you have a foolproof accounting software. 

Small and medium businesses may not have the manpower nor the budget to invest in an expensive, complicated application. 

That’s why Xero is one of the top 10 best cloud services. 

With its ease of use and great price, any business owner will be able to use the system to run their payroll, invoicing and more. 

If you’re interested in seeing how Xero works, they even offer a free trial to ensure that this top 10 cloud storage service will benefit you and your business. 

We’ve even built apps to connect Xero and your Salesforce instance together.  Talk to us, if this would help you. 


3. Dropbox 

Dropbox Business is one of the best cloud services for collaborating with your teammates

Documents can easily be transported through the cloud.

Comments can be left on each document and synced real time so everyone will be kept up to date immediately.

Team folders give specific teammates the ability to edit and share files for specific projects.

You can also use team folders to provide access to things like team meeting information, goals, and updates.

Externally share files with individuals outside the company by creating a password.

Dropbox has added security features that keep your business’ documents safe.

Add passwords and expiration dates, and assign specific employees tasks by choosing who can access each document.

If a device is lost or stolen, you can easily erase that device remotely so no protected information is at risk.

The great part about Dropbox is its recovery feature. All records are stored for up to 120 days and can easily be retrieved.

Pricing depends on the number of users you choose to give access to. It also depends on how much storage you’ll need. 

We’ve recently integrated Dropbox into Salesforce CRM for small business clients, this puts the power of cloud files right in the middle of your CRM.


4. HostGator

Having a business website is a must in this digital age. 

However, finding someone to build your company’s website can be time-consuming and costly.

Web hosting sites like HostGator allow you to quickly and easily create your business’ website, even if you’re a newbie. It allows you to use a drag and drop option to create a beautiful website. 

Depending on your needs, HostGator gives you several package options that will make your wallet happy. 

The Hatchling plan starts at $10.99 USD and includes plenty of disk space and email addresses that is perfect for small businesses. 


5. Shopify 

Shopify E-Commerce is one of the top 10 best cloud service for several reasons.

If you’re selling any type of product online, this shopping cart is a necessity.

Not only is it cheap, it’s also super easy to use for the tech novices who don’t have much time to learn a new application.


6. Citrix Grasshopper

Struggling to have conference calls with your team members? Sick of racking up long distance charges in order to communicate across borders?

Check out Citrix Grasshopper as your new go-to Voice over IP (VoIP). 

Use this system to enable call routing, voicemail, or utilize the call center features. 

To up the cool factor, Grasshopper starts out at only $12.00 USD. 


7. Asana 

In order to run a successful business, it’s important to have an effective way for your teammates to collaborate. 

Asana is a web-based tool that ensures your team is working efficiently and allows everyone to check off projects completed. 

Ultimately, this tool allows you and your team to track your work progress and communicate through a platform aside from email. 

Interactive and user-friendly, Asana is the ultimate tool for work productivity for your team. 


8. SpiderOak

Keeping your business’ information as well as your clients’ information private is a must. 

SpiderOak is a top 10 cloud storage service provider that allows you to keep your and your clients’ information safe with 100% privacy. 

Depending on your data needs, SpiderOak is wallet-friendly, with 30GB costing only $7USD a month. 


9. Zoolz

Zoolz is a great top 10 cloud storage service that works for any business, regardless of your business size. 

There’s no limit to the amount of users or servers you can have, which makes it unlike other service providers.

Absolutely no limits on bandwidth and uploads makes this service provider the ultimate in cloud storage.


10. Salesforce Pardot 

Small and medium business owners don’t always have the time to do the marketing dirty work.  

That’s why marketing automation services are one of the top 10 best cloud services on this list. 

Email building, reporting, real time sales alerts, and social profile lookups are only some of the features of the Salesforce Pardot

Check out the case studies that have been done that show the proven ways Pardot has helped companies expand their marketing strategies.  



The safety and efficiency of your business is your ultimate priority. However, most business owners don’t have the time or the manpower in order to ensure these priorities are met.

Using the best cloud services and efficiency tools will have your business running as smoothly as possible.

What are some other services that should be included on this list? What have your experiences been like?  

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