You keep on checking Google Analytics. And notice not many users are visiting your site. 

This is confusing since you frequent the popular social platforms, have written great guest blog posts, and you just resized all of your images so your website’s load time is faster than ever. 

We get it. This is a frustrating situation to be in. While you’ve done a lot for your business already, there may be a few tweaks you can make to get the results you want. 

Just because it’s a couple of months into the new year doesn’t mean you still can’t hit your goals. Perhaps you’re making one (or four!) of these digital marketing mistakes. 

Find out how you can avoid them so you can up your traffic and increase sales. 

1. Your website isn’t mobile-friendly

This is a top digital marketing trend for 2017. 

As Google research indicates, a little over two-thirds of users are more likely to purchase a product on a mobile-friendly site than a non-mobile-friendly one. 

And this same survey states that 61% of users leave sites that aren’t built for mobile devices—that’s a lot!

Fix: Either hire a web designer to make your site mobile-friendly. Or do it yourself!

2. You’re not writing content consistently

You may be writing high-quality content, but it’s few and far between. Which is causing your audience to dwindle. (This is one of the most critical digital marketing mistakes.)


Your audience is frustrated about checking your site and seeing no new content is up. Eventually, they choose a competitor’s over your site. 

Fix: Incorporate content creation into your schedule. If you have to, physically write it down—on Post-its, your planner, the calendar on the fridge. 

3. You’re not utilizing social media to distribute content

Social media is a powerful (and free!) tool to spread the word about your content—and your product or service.

Even if you’re writing the most insightful blog posts. If no one’s seeing them, it doesn’t matter. 

Fix: Schedule a day to market your content on social platforms. Or hire a social media marketer to do it for you. 

4. You have a poorly designed and developed website

Sadly, not all websites are well-designed and developed. 

This could mean your menu doesn’t include an “About” or “Contact” tab. Two tabs that all sites need to have. 

Or your landing page doesn’t have colorful images and a call-to-action. 

Like with not using social media to distribute content, when it comes to a poor landing page, it doesn’t matter if you have good SEO. 

Users who’re interested at first and visit your website “bounce” back from your site after viewing the landing page. 

Unfortunately, this increases your bounce rate. Over time, your ranking could be affected.

Not to mention, your sales most likely won’t improve because users aren’t staying around long enough to check out the product or service. 

Fix: Check out your bounce rate using Google Analytics. Also, make sure your landing page has a call-to-action that solves a common problem your target audience has.

And, calculate the website’s load time to see if you need to downsize images.  

5. You’re not making the most of your keywords

That’s great that you’ve done your keyword research. But not effectively using it could cost you sales. 


You’re not ranked that high on search engines. Which means a percentage of your target audience doesn’t know you exist. 

Fix: Make sure you’re inserting keywords into your content, website (i.e. menu tabs, homepage, and forms), meta description, meta tags, blog headline, and alt image.

Also, a lot of companies forget to insert their keywords into reviews and social media posts. So, do that—negative reviews included.

6. You’re overusing keywords

Instead of underusing keywords, you’re giving your SEO plugin a heart attack by overusing them.

This is critical since Google changed their algorithm, penalizing keyword stuffing. 

Fix: Use an SEO plugin that notifies you when you’ve inserted too many keywords. 

7. You’re not factoring in voice search

Voice search is becoming more and more popular this year.

So much so that, according to a Google study, more than half of American teens and 41% of American adults use voice search every day. 

Let’s repeat: every day. 

And it won’t be surprising if those figures increase. 


People live busy lives: errands, work, family, friends, social media, you name it. 

It takes less time to use voice search than to type the search in manually. Especially given WiFi drops. 

This entails voice-friendly SEO is on the rise. So, long-tail keywords and common phrases people say will become more emphasized. 

Fix: Edit your keyword research to include voice-friendly keywords. Don’t forget to still keep short-tail keywords in the mix, which are great for manual searches. 

8. You’re not responding to negative reviews

It’s normal for a company to at least have one negative review. 

However, not responding to it could convey to the rest of your customers that you don’t value them. 

This is why it’s important to respond within 24-48 hours after the negative review is posted. 

Fix: Even if you aren’t able to respond within that timeframe, get a response out there.

When addressing the unhappy customer, keep it simple.

Acknowledge their unhappiness with your product or service. And indicate to that customer (and the rest reading the response) that you want to resolve the problem.

Then, ask if they can give you their email. That way, you can deal with the details in a private setting.

What’s important is that you show your company cares about customer service.

9. Your email campaigns aren’t personable

Your email campaigns don’t even include the receiver’s name. And the body of the email is focused on your company, not them.

Although email campaigns are the lowest inbound marketing technique with the highest return, these actions will limit your sales.

Fix: Make the email more personable by adding the receiver’s name and occupation.

If you have some extra time, research your target audience more. And make the opening sentence more relatable to (and about) them.

For instance, if your target audience loves baseball, include “I promise I won’t take you away from tonight’s Yankees vs. Redsox game.”  

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Overall, if you correct these digital marketing mistakes, you can increase your sales and reach your end goal. 

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