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Technical Set Up

The Key Stages of Implementation

  1. Kick off & Overview
  2. Technical Set Up
  3. Introduction to Emails, Lists, Forms and Landing Pages
  4. Managing Lists, Automation and Scoring
  5. Integration of Emails, Landing Pages, Forms
  6. Social, Adwords and Connectors
  7. Wrap Up, Support & Next Steps

Stage 2 Pardot Technical Set Up

You might need to involve your IT department with the following items.

Tracker Domain: Create a tracker subdomain (CNAME) for Pardot generated URLs to appear they are from you. (Instructions)
Note: One CNAME per account.

Tracking Code: Implement your unique tracking code on all pages you want to track — typically added to a global include. (Instructions)

Custom Fonts: Grant Pardot permission to use your website’s custom fonts on your Pardot forms and landing pages. (Instructions)

Email Authentication: Add TXT entries to your DNS to authenticate Pardot sending emails on your domain’s behalf. (Instructions)



Add Users: Add your users to Pardot. (Instructions)

For detailed information on User Role access levels, see What user type should I select for my team members?

Create Custom Fields: Create custom fields to capture and track additional data points about your prospects. (Instructions)