In this episode, the Blirt team walk you through one of the world’s most effective problem solving frameworks. 

Digital transformation is exists to solve problems. And, in solving those problems improve the organisation through better customer and employee experience.

Forbes has reported that 84% of digital transformation efforts fail. This is HUGE! So, what could be causing this and how can we better define the types of problems getting solved.

In this episode we unpack a problem ‘sense making’ framework developed by Prof. David Snowden called Cynefin.

This framework breaks every problem down into 4 types and depending on the type of problem the right approach can be executed.

Simple or Obvious – The domain of best practice. Sense, categorise and respond.
Complicated – The domain of the expert. Sense, analyse and respond.
Complex – The domain of innovation. Probe, sense, respond.
Chaotic – The domain of rapid response. Act, sense, respond.

Failing to solve the right problems in the right way may be the cause of many failed digital transformation programs.

Join this episode as we unpack how to use this framework in solving digital transformation problems.

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