In this episode, the Blirt team break down what it means to move from brand advertiser, to brand publisher.

What does it mean to be a brand publisher?
This is the concept of ads being replaced with content and customers choose to engage with your content and move through the customer journey due to that content. Ads are still useful, but they’re not the main game. This isn’t a new game, it’s been around for as long as news and magazines, ie over 100 years. Listen to hear a few examples from the last 100 years!

How do marketing teams work differently when they think as publishers not advertisers?

It’s about defining content across the customer journey and using that content to build relevant experiences which enhance buying behavior.

It’s less about interrupting and more about engaging or servicing to create an experience. Think simply about what problems a customer has and create answers.

What’s the framework to think like a publisher?
You need to create a publishing model. Here’s the one referenced in the Podcast.

  • Audience
  • Customer Journey Content Architecture
  • Platform Solar System (Star, Planets, Satellites, Comets)
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Content Asset Library
  • Amplification (Paid, Earned)
  • Measurement
  • Review, repurpose & repeat

How do you manage this?
We talk about the tech platform for workflow; creation, approval, library and then distribution with measurement. And, we talk about building an internal and external team.